Your bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s the one place where you simply get to relax, recline and chill out. For that reason, it needs to feel incredibly cosy and inviting – especially in winter. Here are some super easy ways to create that wonderful effect in your bedroom!

Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Cosier This Winter

Duvet Set

To get your personal paradise started you need to make sure that your bed is simply spot on. We recommend getting a high tog duvet set for the cosiest feeling in bed. The only downside is that you’ll struggle to get out of it in the mornings! Anything between 10.5 and 13.5 is perfect for those harshly cold winter months. Be sure to pick up the right one, else you’ll still be cold in the night! Compliment your new duvet with a set of four duck feather pillows. They’re ridiculously comfy – your head will literally sink into them. Never will you have felt comfier or cosier.

Roaring Fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, then use it. By being ignorant of such a beautiful centrepiece, you’re doing yourself more harm than good. Fireplaces can invite in breezes and chills in the winter months making your room ten times colder than what it would be if it were lit. Light a nice roaring fire at the beginning of each evening, so that when you’re ready for bed, the room is already nice and toasty. It gives off a better effect than an electric heater for sure! Plus, it’ll save on your energy bills as there’s no need for the radiator to be on.


You can’t get enough throws. They’re so fluffy and soft and just invite you to cuddle up in bed. Drape them over sofas or armchairs and relax. The bigger, the better! A throw is perfect to wrap yourself in when enjoying a night in watching Netflix this winter. Couple them with some gorgeous, nicely patterned and plump cushions for the ultimate comfort. It might be worth getting a blanket box or some other furniture for the bedroom to store all these things during the summer months. This is when you’re less likely to make use of them.


Just like throws can add cosiness to your bedding and furniture, a great rug can have the same effect on your floor. A big, fluffy rug works perfectly at cosying up a hardwood floor and doubles as a beautiful bit of decoration for the room. Rugs can feel beautiful beneath and in between your toes, creating a wonderfully cosy sensation. They’ll also stop you having to step on your cold wooden floor during the winter. This means that when you’ve left your slippers the other side of the house, there’s less of an issue!

Hopefully, you appreciated these four easy ways to cosy up your bedroom. With winter very much underway, and with the two coldest months to come, it might be worth sticking some of these things on your Christmas list! All the best with creating your perfect, cosy bedroom.