People have enjoyed gardening since the Renaissance period. You can potter around your garden planting seeds, trimming bushes and enjoying the fresh air. Gardening is a relaxing activity that can reduce stress and improve your mood. You just have to embrace your inner green thumb.

A recent survey found that more than half of the participants would rather go to a garden centre than a nightclub. One in eight people think gardening is cool these days, and trendy plant shops are popping up in major UK cities. House plants and mindfulness have replaced cocktails and clubbing. The pandemic really did have a lasting impact on everyone. You don’t have to abandon clubbing altogether. You could listen to your Milwaukee radio while pruning back the shrubs for winter.

The most popular gardening trends for 2022

Here are the top gardening trends for next year.


The climate emergency is all over social media and the news. It’s hard not to notice it. Biodegradable and eco-friendly products are popular with gardeners. You could opt for wooden or bamboo plant trays and labels – over single-use plastic ones.

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Grow your own vegetables

Some people started panic buying at the start of lockdown, while others began to grow their own produce. In 2022, there is likely to be a rise in the number of herb and vegetable gardens. There will be more allotments for those who don’t have a garden at home. You could even start a herb garden in a basket on your kitchen window. There is something quite soothing about growing vegetables and herbs.

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Vertical gardening

Planting flowers at eye level is a big garden trend at the moment. It draws the eye upwards and creates a layered effect in your outdoor space. You could have a vegetable patch in a raised bed or flowers on the side of your house. Vertical gardening does not involve hanging plants. Instead, you can raise your plants to eye level with some creative solutions. You could put a few shrubs in a wheelbarrow or reclaimed trough.

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Wild gardening

Once lockdown lifted, our lives returned to their chaotic and busy schedules. It’s difficult to find the time for gardening between school activities and work commitments. You could let your garden go wild on purpose. Plant a selection of wildflowers and plants and let your lawn turn into a meadow. Weeds can be quite beautiful if you embrace their wild and unruly nature. A wild garden requires far less maintenance.

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Gardening can be done by anyone – no matter their knowledge or ability. You could stick to a small vegetable patch and a few shrubs. Or, you could landscape the entire thing and incorporate a fire pit, patio and outdoor entertainment zone. Your garden should be an extension of the home, and you can make it into whatever you like.