We need to consider the effects of home re-décor on the environment. A lot of waste is generated when a homeowner decides to renovate the house. For example, peeled off wallpapers, old furniture, paint dust, and so on. Reducing waste can reduce harmful environmental effects and positively protect our natural resources and our planet. You can change the look of your house if you put a little thought into redecorating with environment-friendly products. Eco-friendly products are readily available these days. It isn’t always easy to decorate your home with eco-friendly products. Sometimes, manufacturers proclaim the products are eco-friendly, but the label says something else. It is wise to be slightly careful when making a purchase to ensure you’re doing the best for your home and the environment. You can also buy products like eco-friendly house signs to make your environmental stand pretty obvious.

Decorating Ideas for a More Environmentally-Friendly Home

Here are some ideas on how to redecorate your home in an environmentally friendly way.

Reuse Your Old Furniture

Reclaimed wood from old furniture is used in creating new items for many years. Good quality wood can be reused and repurposed. Instead of throwing away an old couch, many professionals can reupholster it for a fee. You just need to add some cushioning, change the sofa fabric, and voila! You have a brand new couch for your home. Reusing old furniture is an excellent way to be eco-conscious and protect the environment. By doing this, you can save money and reuse the materials used in the couch, such as the wooden frame and cushion foam. If you need, you can sand the wood over and use a protective agent to make it sturdier for another few years.

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Buy Pre-loved Items:

We cannot stress the importance of buying pre-loved items for your home. You can drastically reduce your carbon footprint simply by purchasing pre-owned decorations and furniture. When considering the decoration of your home, shop from garage sales or from people who have recently redecorated their own homes. Not only is doing this excellent for the environment but also for your pocket. Pre-loved items can quickly be restored to their former glory. Many times, all you need to do is add a fresh coat of paint and maybe change a few fittings. A great example of this would be room chests and drawers. Many people prefer purchasing pre-loved bedroom furniture like bedside units, drawers, armoires, and more and refurbishing or polishing them to give an antique look.

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Choose The Wood Carefully:

If you’re looking to redo the furniture in your house and purchase new ones, you should look for FSC certified wood. FSC wood is certified to combat the deforestation problem globally. In the UK, FSC wood is marked by a ‘tick tree’ logo. This logo signifies that the wood is harvested according to the 10 FSC principles that guarantee environmental standards. Choosing the wood you use for your furniture, and other household remodelling will help make a considerable difference when redecorating. Since many companies claim they use reclaimed wood but cannot provide the certification, it is best to conduct your research before investing money in a non-ecologically sound purchase.

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Change Your Lighting:

Changing the lighting and redecorating doesn’t mean that your home cannot look stylish. With so many excellent options readily available in the market, you can source dimmer bulbs in areas of your home that do not require much brightness. Places like living areas and dining rooms need not have extremely bright light. There are places like the backyard where you may want to create mood lighting while hosting guests. For such areas in the house, dimmer lights are extremely helpful. They consume less electricity and also help reduce the monthly electricity bill considerably. Consuming less electricity is also an excellent way to reduce waste at power plants.

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Get Indoor Plants:

Getting indoor plants may seem like a silly solution when you consider all the redecoration changes in the house. However, having indoor plants helps recycle the air automatically. These plants help purify the air, keep the house non-smelly, and reduce the need for electric air purifiers. They create a relaxed and happy atmosphere and promote healthy living solutions. Besides just the benefits to us, having additional plants in the house is an excellent way to increase oxygen in the air and reduce the constant rising temperatures surrounding your home. Indoor plants also have a calming effect on children and elderly citizens. Children also benefit by learning how to care for and tend for plants and water them regularly.

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