The Anysharp Pro is the world’s best knife sharpener. It turns blunt knives to like new, super sharp, slicing machines. Simply put the device onto any solid worktop and pull the level so it’s suction sticks it firm. Grab a knife and gently pull it through the blades 2-3 times and within seconds and you’ll have sharp knives once again.

The Anysharp Pro is used by many celebrity and professional chefs and is a staple in many homes. Save knives and reuse – Whether you’re slicing meat, dicing vegetables, or carving the Sunday roast, a sharp blade makes cutting effortless. AnySharp Pro restores a super sharp cutting edge to blunt knife blades that have dulled with use.

Reuse with Anysharp

The Anysharp Pro has a ten-year warranty and available in a range of stunning colours so suit every style. The Anysharp Pro costs from £9.99 from Amazon

    • knife sharpener sharpens any kitchen knife safely & hands-free
    • knife grinder for hardened steel knives and chef’s knives (e.g. Global, Sabatier)
    • even sharpens serrated knives (e.g. bread knives, hunting knives)
    • needs only gentle pressure. Safer, hands-free use. PowerGrip suction cup attaches securely to any smooth, flat surface
    • Dimensions: 60mm diameter and 60mm high