Many people are familiar with baseboards or skirting panels because they are very popular in older homes. You can read more about them when you click here. They have been around for a lot of years, and many are still using them because they add design and decor. For modern homes, most owners still consider the panels because they add value.

For some people, they want their homes to be decorated with Victorian or Edwardian designs because the overall finished look is elegant. The first purpose of the skirting is to add decoration. In older homes, it’s quite common to see a floor moulding that has intricate features and designs.

The second purpose of these panels is to protect. There are times when one is cleaning with a vacuum and accidentally knocks the apparatus to the wall. To prevent the wear, tear, and accidental knocks, the pieces of planks are there to serve as a barrier. There are times when the hoovers and mops can bring scuffs and soils around, and the baseboard protects the wall from coming into contact with them.

The third purpose of the planks is to hide unsightly and uneven edges typical with shoddy carpentry. The boards conceal gaps between the floors. Lots of homeowners request that gaps should be made in case there’s a need for expansion in the future.

Skirting Boards

What are Baseboards?

In architecture, mopboards, or base mouldings are made from wood, UPVC, and other plastic compounds that can be nailed or glued to the wall. They are commonly found at the base of a room’s interior walls. They are about 6 to 17 cm high and can either be carved, painted, or stained for decorative purposes. Nowadays, some of the most popular baseboards are robust walnuts, MDF laminates, veneered, and solid oak skirtings. They can benefit many homeowners with the following:

Prevent Damage

Since there’s something that acts as a barrier to the walls, the furniture will not be able to get too close to them. The position of sofas and beds will not be too close, so the edges will not leave marks on the paint or plaster. The walls will remain spotless and clean when you have baseboards in place.

Hide Wirings

It would be best if you had electrical wirings inside a room for lamps, television, charging areas, and more. Fortunately, you can cover them with skirting boards so that they will not hang openly from the ceiling. Another benefit is that pets and small children will be safe from electrical wires.

Many people choose to hide the wires in the ceiling, but this can be a problem. If there’s an issue with the wires, the whole ceiling may need to be taken down. The more practical step is to hide the wires along with the PVC panels so that they can be fixed more quickly.

Cover Gaps

Gaps are unavoidable when one is building a house. Many skilled fitters may find it tricky to align the floors and walls perfectly. For this reason, contractors choose to install the boards to hide the unsightly gaps that can’t be remedied or the ones that are made for future expansions.

How to Choose the Right Baseboards

Check the Proportions

When the ceilings inside the room are higher, installing taller baseboards may be the right choice for you. Measure the room and make sure that the panels are proportionately sized. On the other hand, if the ceiling is low, you need to install panels that are shorter or enough for the size of the room. Some contractors can even alter the overall look by making differences in the perceived proportion and adding more details.


The design should match the overall feel of the room. It would be best if you had something that is much like the interior decoration. You can opt for an overall impression, such as the Edwardian era, with a twist of modernity. One factor that you need to consider is the age of your house. If you live in a Georgian villa with high ceilings, you may want to get the Edwardian skirting styles and tweak them a bit to match the décor.

The Kind of Material

There are specific panels that are more prone to warps, cracks, and chips. The MDF types can be one of these panels, but there’s no doubt that they are very affordable. Know more about MDFs here:

If you are looking for premium materials that require little to no maintenance, you may need to check

with several companies in your area. Some can offer bespoke designs, types, finishes, and sizes to match your home. You can search the internet for more options and see if you can have the materials delivered to your doorstep without you having to go out.


Many people don’t bother hiring an interior decorator and, instead, go for the white colour. White has a minimalistic and contemporary feel that they are suited for the home’s overall décor, but if you prefer other colours, then go get them. You can order dado rails and architraves that are already painted in white for a more professional and finished look.