With Spring just around the corner, Magical Hydrangeas are making homes beautiful all over the UK once more, thanks to their stunning natural beauty and super long lifespan.

Magical Hydrangea

Hills Plants, the Sussex based parent company of The Little Botanical, is the only British business with a licence to grow this amazing indoor flowering plant and we’re proud to have the Magical Hydrangeas available for the UK market.

With their starting colours, pink and blue, which slowly change tone to become something altogether more magnificent, when exposed to daylight, these beauties just keep on blooming all the way to Autumn.

Available in two varieties, the Magical Revolution flowers end up a lovely deep dark red, while the Magical Amethyst changes into an Emerald City-like vibrant deep green.

As well as being now available online from The Little Botanical, Magical Hydrangeas will very soon be in stock across the UK, at national supermarket retailers and garden centers.

And because of their outstanding lifespan (the plants are designed to flower for 150 days), Hill’s have set homeowners a challenge to see how long they can keep these plants looking lovely.

The 150 day flower challenge runs from 2 April 2018 to 31 August 2018 and anyone buying a Magical Hydrangea can get engaged in the conversation on social media.

Sarah Gainsborough, Brand and NPD Manager at Hills Plants said: “These bold and beautiful plants make a perfect gift for a special friend or family member, but why let everyone else have all the fun – go ahead and spoil yourself with one for your home!

“There is a growing trend in the UK for indoor plants again and to bring the outside in to create more green space inside our homes. Magical Hydrangeas provide gorgeous big flowers that last and last – and are a stunning and unique gift.”

Hills is the UK licensed grower for the Magical Hydrangeas “Colours Your Home” variety with the exclusive UK rights to grow and sell the plants.

Customers can buy hydrangeas from The Little Botanical, get involved in the 150 day challenge and have their home looking gorgeous for 2018 in not time at all.