You’ve been skirting the issue for some time now, but all the signs are there – you can’t sleep, and the effects of sleep deprivation have begun to take over your daily life. You can’t focus at work, it’s a struggle not to fall asleep at the wheel and you can literally feel your energy draining after just 5 minutes on the treadmill. You know you can’t put it off for much longer. You have to face the truth: It’s time to buy a new mattress. Your sanity depends on it.

Buy a mattress

What makes you hesitant is that you weren’t able to set aside money for this expense. You’ve heard that a new mattress can cost thousands of dollars and inwardly you’re shaking in fear. Will you have to put off this month’s weekend getaway so you can buy a new bed?

Probably. You may have to settle for a staycation at home. But think about it – you’ll have a new mattress that helps put you to blissful, restful sleep. It may not be the spa getaway you’ve been looking forward to, but it’s as close as any once you get your bedroom all set up with a fresh, super comfy mattress.

You won’t even have to spend that much on a new bed. Here are some of the best ways to stretch your dollar when purchasing a new mattress.

Compare prices

There are many different kinds of mattresses available in the market today. They may have different model names, but if you do your research you’ll notice many of these mattress models essentially share the same construction and materials. Take note of what appeals to you and what you think would be perfect for your needs, then compare prices from different retailers. Visit Sleepify mattress reviews to learn more the price and quality differences

Start with cheaper, not cheapest

Mattresses that are well-maintained can last for up to 10 years – well, except for the really cheap ones, which may deteriorate after just a few years, necessitating a premature replacement. If you want something long-lasting, experts suggest going for mattresses on the cheaper, not cheapest end of the price spectrum. These mattresses are bound to be decent enough and won’t break the bank.

Use discount codes

Many mattress retailers offer discount codes when you buy from them online. Take advantage of these promotions to get yourself a great deal.


Mattresses, like most products, are marked up. Even sale prices can be brought down if you have bargaining savvy. Negotiate to bring the price of a mattress down. If the salesperson is firm about the price, try asking for perks or freebies such as new bedding and pillows to match.

Avoid extra stuff you don’t need

Some mattress retailers put premiums on products that have a higher coil count, special fibers, and the like. You won’t even notice these things when you’re asleep, especially luxury fabric that you will just be covering with a bed sheet anyway.

Wait for a sale

If you can wait a little longer to buy a new mattress, sniff around for sales. There’s bound to be one happening somewhere – if not in your local mattress store, then online.

Tip: holidays are usually the best time for mattress sales, so time your purchase on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day and other holidays when companies are bound to conduct sales. Good luck!