It’s that time of the year again when you bring out your grill from the storage room or garage, and set it up in your backyard (or front yard) to hold those unique barbecue celebrations with your family. You can smell grilled pork, corn, pepper, and smoked ribs in your new smoker, and with a beer in your hand, it’s always exciting when waiting for that happy moment of devouring all these wonderful foods and more. 

But when you take the oven out in the open, you notice clear signs of rust on the grid, and when you turn it on, there’s an uneven flame. There goes all your excitement, as you have to run to the nearby store to get the grill repaired immediately so that your plans for the evening don’t get upset. 

This has happened to many people, especially if their ovens have not been working for long periods or are stored inappropriately inside the house. Although you should clean the grill thoroughly before using it, sometimes, the damages are beyond repair. Besides the uneven flames and signs of rust on the grid, you may notice several other issues that are irreparable.  

Outdoor Grill

Under such circumstances, you could be wondering whether it would be better to replace the old grill with a new one, as it will be way more cost-effective. Experts offer a range of BBQ grills from well-known brands without breaking your bank, in case you need a complete replacement. But before you make any decision in that regard, you should know that there are services out there that can clean your grill for you, and they are offered by places like this Grill store in Dallas, TX. Cleaning the grill can give it a brand new lease of life, removing any old grease and embedded burnt on grime. This could save you some money as you will not need to buy a brand new grill. However if cleaning the grill is not an option and parts are faulty, then you need to know when to replace the old oven with a new one.

A faulty igniter

A faulty igniter can render your grill useless, as you can’t do a thing on it if you’re unable to start it. You may think of replacing the igniter, but if you aren’t a tech expert, such DIYs can cause further issues in the appliance. Either get an expert professional to take a look at it, or replace it if the oven is too old. 

Uneven flame

One of the key signs to realize that there’s a problem with the grill is the uneven flame. When you start it, the flame may appear smaller, or larger, oozing out from the sides, indicating that your burner has gone awry. If the oven is new, you can replace the burner, and all will be well, but if it isn’t, it’s best to replace the whole thing. 

Gas leaks or cracked hoses

If there’s a gas (or propane) leak in the grill connectors or hoses, you should turn it off immediately. Check for leaks by the soapy water test and see if it’s located in the connector, hose, or any other

place. If your suspicions turn out to be correct, it’s best to repair the appliance without any delay. You can also opt for a new oven to prevent such hazards in the future. 

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A greasy grill

If your grill is kept unused for a long time, grease may build up. When you use a greasy oven, it may lead to fire hazards and even increase the chances of accidents. Try cleaning it by brushing the racks and scraping the grates followed by wiping them with a moist cloth and lastly soaking them in hot soapy water. However, if it seems too much work, you can always get a new one for your BBQ party. 

Signs of external damage

So you live in harsh weather areas with a lot of frost, snow, and rain? If you leave your grill out in the open for days, it may develop flakes in the paint or holes, which interferes with its functionality besides paves the path for rust to develop. Using an oven with flaking paint is unwise, as it may eventually lead to corrosion and impair the appliance. Opt for a new grill and keep this one indoors, when the barbecue season gets over. 

Unstable grill

As you’re planning to set up an outdoor kitchen for your BBQ parties, the grill must be stable while on the ground to avoid toppling and causing severe accidents. Such unfortunate incidents can not only destroy the party spirit but also endanger lives. So before you start the appliance, check if it’s properly fixed to the ground, and if it’s not, it’s always safe to replace it with a new, more efficient one. 

Wrapping it up

Many a time, an old oven has some damaged or corroded parts that can take a toll to be replaced or repaired. For example, the external parts or the grill grates may develop rust, and holes, or may accumulate grease to a great extent. In such cases, you should calculate how much it will take for you to repair those parts or replace them. 

If the appliance is quite old and beyond warranty, you may not even find the right parts for an effective replacement. You shouldn’t waste your thoughts on it then and replace it as soon as possible to run your parties with a new grill that won’t give you any trouble for a long time. 

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