Our love of the great outdoors and our drive to improve our surroundings can lead to us achieving magnificent things in our garden. We have a wide variety of products to use out there these days; probably more than at any time previously. But what do you install in your garden is you have an extensive space to fill and a healthy budget to invest in it? The best thing to do is ask your children for a few ideas. They have a lively imagination and will come up with many weird and wonderful ideas for you.

Garden Upgrades

Aurellen Breeden

There are a few features that almost everyone would love to install, and we are going to take a look at them today. The best thing is; many of them are within the price range of ordinary people. You no longer have to earn a banker’s salary to afford them.


With the onset of global warming, we are likely to use our gardens more in the future. Summerhouses are set to become desirable features that you can use to get away from it all on a beautiful day. You can now commission a bespoke design that features all modern conveniences and comforts. Indeed, some of them look like alien pods from another planet. These stunning constructions are insulated well and meet all of the regulations for habitable buildings. If such a beast is beyond your means, you could convert a garden shed. Though it cannot compare to the designer structures, it can be a pleasant place to sit and relax. Install a sliding glass door on the front of the shed, insulate it well, and drape the interior walls with material. It will be a warm and inviting place to read or chill.


A heated swimming pool can become a reality thanks to the production of fiberglass pool liners. These marvelous products slash the installation time and costs. As long as you can excavate a hole big enough to accommodate the liner, you can install a sunken pool. The filters and heaters come in kit form and are easy to install, though you will need an electrician to test and connect them. If you want to see a look of sheer delight on the faces of your children, a swimming pool is the answer. The running costs of a heated pool are likely to be high. It is a massive volume of water to keep warm, and energy isn’t cheap these days. Think about a modern pool enclosure too. There are lots of standard units that come in kit form that will allow your family to use the water all year round.


More people are set to install hot tubs in Bristol than ever before. These products are sweeping the nation now that people know they can enjoy the balmy evenings with sophistication. The relaxing hot water massages you into a state of utter bliss as you enjoy a glass of your favourite drink with your friends. I can see the day on the horizon when they become as numerous as conservatories in suburbia.

If you can install one or more of the features above, you will enjoy some fantastic times ahead. Go ahead and start before your neighbours think about it. It is always good to be a trendsetter.