If your gleaming new conservatory is complete, you need some advice on the interior design. Too many people spoil what is essentially a beautiful structure because they have no eye for detail. It is an odd room because it is in neither the house nor the garden. I like to think of it as the twilight zone, where strange and unusual things can happen. Many conservatories end up as a storeroom for items that the owner is too lazy to take out to the shed. You will find gardening boots and tools spoiling the beauty of the room.

Here is a quick guide to help you make the most of your new space. It isn’t difficult; many people adopt the products and materials we will address. When brought together, they make a beautiful room.

Window Blinds

Curtains do not suit this space; think about window blinds instead. I will list them in my preferred order.

  1. Pleated blinds look attractive and classy, as long as they have many small pleats instead of a few large ones. You will find electric units that operate by remote control. They are ideal for use under the roof. You can control the amount of light that comes into the room throughout the day with ease.
  2. Wooden shutters look beautiful in this setting and bring a feeling of quality to the space.
  3. Vertical blinds look stunning on the side windows. They come in many shades, and you can drape, open, and angle them to suit your needs. They are a versatile solution but can give the room a commercial feel sometimes.
  4. Venetian blinds are a timeless solution to the problem. Because they come in so many materials and colours, there is something for every room.

There are other blinds, but I don’t think they suit a conservatory.

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Flooring Solutions

If you live in a hot country, ceramic tiles are a suitable choice. Many of us suffer cold winters and need to introduce some warmth. Austim flooring products are of exotic timbers with beautiful grain patterns. Shop around and see if you can find a local supplier that sells hardwood flooring. It will enhance any room and bring a feeling of traditional quality.

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Lighting Solutions

There are many modern lighting techniques that you can apply, but the most common is installing a ceiling fan with integral lights. They solve two problems at once. The good news is that you will find LED bulbs to retrofit almost every fitting on the market.

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Cooling Solutions

A ceiling fan is an attractive addition to the interior design, but it is functional too. Installing a ceiling fan will help to keep the air moving on a hot day, preventing the room from becoming stifling. Air conditioning units are an option if the summers are long and blisteringly hot. The portable units don’t enhance the interior design, so I suggest that you commission a permanent installation. The room is no good if you can’t use it, after all.

When your friends and family come to visit, they will see how they could dress in a conservatory and realise their mistakes. I think you will agree; it isn’t difficult when your know-how.

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