Blinds are an essential piece of home décor, not only do they add value from their aesthetics, but they’re also a practical solution for securing your privacy, keeping your home cool and keeping unwanted light out of your home.

Because blinds have existed as a décor piece for literally hundreds of years, many different types of blinds have emerged from the classic age-old design of Roman and Venetian blinds to newer more intricate types of blinds like Day & Night blinds.

How to Pick the Right Blinds For Your Home

As there are so many types of blinds to choose from when it comes to decorating your home, it can be hard to know what blinds you should have and lot’s of people end up making their choice based entirely on the aesthetics of the blinds rather than their functionality, which can often lead to the blinds being damaged and then needing to be replaced.

How can you know what type of blinds you need in your home if there are so many? Luckily, the blinds experts at helped out with this article, to help fill you in on all the information you need when choosing blinds for your home!

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Living Room

The living room is the easiest room of the house to pick blinds for, this is because living rooms often have no other needs for blinds outside of looking nice and keeping the Sun out. So, in a living room, you can pick any type of blinds that you like and base your decision entirely on aesthetics.

There’s no best choice for what blinds to use in your living room, but it’s important to make sure they match up with the rest of your décor, for example: If your living room has a rustic or farmhouse look Wooden Venetian blinds will be perfect, but if your living room has more of a classic or luxurious feel to it, a nice Roman blind would be a better match.

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Unlike the living room, when it comes to the kitchen there is more to consider than just the look of your blinds. Kitchens are a messy place, especially if you like to cook or have young children, because of this you need a hardy blind that won’t pick up stains and is easy to clean.

To fulfil the requirements of being hardy and easy to clean, you’ll want to look at either Roller blinds or Vertical blinds that are made with stain-resistant PVC material, often when you buy a PVC based blind, it will come with a ‘wipe-clean’ coating which makes them incredibly easy to clean if you ever spill anything on them. If Rollers or Verticals aren’t your things, a Metal Venetian blind should do the trick, just make sure you try to keep them dry.

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Again like kitchens, bathrooms can get quite messy, but the main risk factor for blinds in bathrooms isn’t stains, it’s the water in the bathroom. In bathrooms things get very wet, water gets splashed and steam will coat everything in your bathroom in water.

Because of the water, you’ll want to avoid any non-PVC fabric blinds, wooden blinds or metal blinds as the water will cause them to deteriorate. Instead, you’ll want a PVC based Roller blind or Vertical blind, or a plastic ‘Faux Wood’ Venetian blind as they won’t be damaged by moisture.

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The bedroom is a lot like the living room, there aren’t a lot of restrictions on what blind you should have and your choice should be mainly an aesthetic one. But for bedrooms, you have to consider light leakage, if a blind cant block out light in your bedroom, you’ll find yourself struggling to sleep.

This is why you’ll want a blind made with blackout material in your bedroom. Blackout material just means the material is thick enough to completely block out light from outside. You’ll find most types of blinds are available in blackout material, but the best for keeping light out is Roller blinds and Roman blinds as they are a complete layer of fabric, rather than strips or slats like you’d find on a Vertical or Venetian blind.

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