If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen for the spring and summer, then it’s worth looking ahead to the trend forecasts of colours and designs that will really make the most important room in the home sing.

Kitchen Colour Trends for Spring 2020Kitchen Colour Trends for Spring 2020

What can we expect to see as the big hitters when it comes to texture, form and shade?

1. Marble is Back

Marble and marble colours are back with a vengeance. Some designers are saying the busier the marble design, the better. Look for strongly veined marble for a real hint of luxury and on-trend design focus for your worktops — and even for flooring. You could choose vinyl or linoleum which has the look of marble for an inexpensive, but durable, look.

2. What About Wood?

Wood kitchens have fallen somewhat out of favour but now, trend forecasters are saying that two woods at opposite ends of the colour spectrum are making a comeback. If you’re looking for professional kitchen design west midlands, then real wood worktops might be a strong contender.

Think about using the subtle grained wood of the ash tree or go all out for sumptuous decadence with the fine, dark grain of walnut for your cupboards and worktops. Wood worktops are surprisingly resilient and need little aftercare other than oiling once or twice a year.

3. Out of the Darkness..?

Dark colours are often seen as the tones you should accent with, rather than use all over, but deep, rich shades of black and even navy are experiencing their moment. Many people are opting to go for sumptuous cupboards and worktops in these colours. They’re seen as sophisticated and enduring and will provide a real talking point for people who are used to viewing kitchens as more utilitarian rooms that need to be kept light and airy.

4. Show Your True Colours

On the other end of the colour spectrum, designers are suggesting that true pops of very vibrant colours are going to become very on trend. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go and paint your worktops neon pink, but rather you should think about investing in appliances that have a real burst of juicy colour — a red fridge for instance, or a feature wall painted in a bright yellow or green. Doing this means you only have to commit one tiny area of your room to the trend and can easily paint over it if you get bored or don’t think it will work long term.

5. Gold is Good

Don’t just think about your worktops and appliances. Think about your fittings and fixtures too. Gold taps and even gold-plated sinks are becoming chic and worth investigating. These would work especially well in a kitchen that is based around the dark shades mentioned above. Think about navy worktops and gold taps for an exquisite, sophisticated finish that will stand the test of time.

You needn’t spend a fortune on updating your kitchen. Just investigating one or two of these trends can give your room a real boost!