It is that time of year again when spring cleaning is high on the agenda. The promise of fresh air and sunshine used to mean that, in the days of fire-heated homes, spring was a time to dust off the ash and soot of winter and fling your doors wide open for warmer months. Despite central heating now being the norm, the tradition of spring cleaning remains. And right on cue, we have some tips and tricks for a tidier house.

From self-storage options that combat clutter, to efficient ways to get your cleaning session started, we hope these spring-cleaning tips and tricks will come in handy.

Stock up on supplies

When you are planning to give the house a good once over, a great place to start is actually on the high street or in a supermarket. Make sure you have everything you need to get your spring clean in motion. Stock up on bin bags for waste, surface cleaner, bathroom products and whatever else you think you might need. By planning ahead, you will be off to a great start with your spring clean and won’t be interrupted by the need to go out and buy something.

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Consider self-storage options

If you find that your house is full of clutter and can get a bit unorganised, self-storage options are a great way to get things in order. There are varying sizes and different types of self-storage options on offer, which are perfect for storing furniture or even just a few boxes. Once everything left over has a designated space, you will be surprised at how easy it is to keep things more organised in your home.

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Give old clothes to charity

Let’s be honest, most of us have a wardrobe that is a little too full. The reality is that we do not need that many clothes, especially with warmer months arriving. So, a spring clean is always a great opportunity to donate some clothes to charity. The likes of Mind, the British Heart Foundation and other charities are always open to donations and your old clothes could go a long way.

Open those windows

The best part of this time of year is the change in weather and the air. Letting in that fresh spring breeze can do wonders for your home and your mental wellbeing. So, open those windows whilst you are tidying and let all those winter blues out, letting the freshness of spring in. Happy tidying!

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