Ah yes: It’s finally the time of the year where you will hear the birds singing the music; the sunset sets later due to Daylight Savings Time; the sound of your neighbour using a lawnmower to cut their garden’s grass and someone driving in their car, truck, bike, etc. All of this means that spring is here (actually, the spring season officially took place in March). Spring is known as a time for re-birth, forget about new year’s, this is the season to get busy and do things that you always wanted to do. And it’s the perfect time to start cleaning your house!

If you are looking to start your Spring Cleaning, here are a set of instruction that will help you in your Spring cleaning:

The Inside Job

1. Mop and Dust the whole home

After dealing with people tracking in the salt, dirt, and snow while walking inside the home during the wintertime. Spring is the time to use a mop to clean the house. Get a mop, dust rag, bucket, and some cleaning products and start cleaning your home.

Interestingly, you can also look for professional house cleaning services to clean your home inside out. It will save your time, and you can ensure a tidy home.

If you have carpets in your living area or dining area, use a vacuum cleaner to clean each of the rooms and get rid of dirt and other debris. If you don’t want to do it, you can hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets.

Professional tips for cleaning your home during spring

2. Clean the Attic and Basement

Well, it’s a pain to clean both the basement and attic because you have to move things along while trying to decide what items to keep and what to throw out. But it’s worth cleaning the attic and basement because of two reasons:

#1 You can create space in both places.

#2 You may end up making some money by selling the discarded items in a Yard Sale.

3. Clean the closet and dresser drawers

We all have clothes that are either too small or too big, or we don’t wear them anymore or; we never had a chance to wear them, and now it’s no longer trendy. If you want to create space in your closet for some new clothes, then donate those old clothes, hats, belts, shoes, etc. to your local Goodwill store or Thrift shop.

The same goes for your dresser drawers. It would be best if you cleaned the top and inside of every drawer to create more space.

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4. Time to take down winter curtains

You installed the heavy curtains during winter to protect your family from the cold air from coming into your house. Now is the time to take them down and put up the lighter curtains to feel the warmth of spring once the windows are open.

Choosing the Right Curtains
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5. Clean the ceiling fan

If your home has a ceiling fan, clean them often. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a party over your place, and when you turn the fan on, the Dust flies off the fan handle, and your guest will see the debris fall on the floor.

To save yourself from possible future embarrassment, get a dust rag, and thoroughly clean each fan blade at least once every week.

Time to clean things outside of your home:

1. Time to take down Christmas lights and decorations

If you have not yet taken down your outdoor Christmas decorations or lights still, then it’s time to do it. No one wants to be that person who always has their

Christmas decorations when it’s like 70-80 degrees outside.

2. Rake up tree limbs

Your front or backyard (if your house has one) is probably covered with tree limbs, trash, leaves, and other leftover debris during the winter. What you need to do is get some trash bags, broom, shovel, rake, and a sturdy trash can and clean the front/backyard. Once you’re done with this, the next thing you should think about is cutting the grass.

Now, if your yard is in bad shape, use some grass seeds to grow grass during summer and spring. Experts say the best time to use grass seeds is in November or December because the snow, sleet, and grass can actually make the grass grow faster. But this shouldn’t stop you from using grass seeds right now.

3. Clean out the barbecue grill

Unless the grill was used during the wintertime because you missed having barbecue time, you probably haven’t used it since Labor Day. Before having that first barbecue, grill cleaning is essential. Take the help of soap and water and ensure there’s no dust, cobwebs, etc. in your grill.

After a while, you’ll have a clean and shiny grill, and within no time, have barbecues during the summer, and spring will become a regular thing at your house. Now if your grill is old or is not working properly, then you should buy a new one. Check your local paper or online websites for some great deals on a grill.

Maintaining your BBQ
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4. Clean the Garage

Similar to the attic and basement, cleaning the garage is a daunting task because all of us have placed so many things in there. People often say, “We have to clean out the garage,” but we never do it. Well, today is time to clean it. Yes, it might be an all-day job, but it’s totally worth it.

Start by creating a list of what things to keep and what to throw out. The next step is to get rid of any useless boxes and trash that have been lying in the garage for ages. Then, decide whether you want to organize a garage sale for the items you’re planning to throw out. Well, by having a garage sale, you might end up making some money.

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Finally, once you have finished the cleaning, take a look at your garage and see whether you’re satisfied or not. Keep going till you get satisfied with your cleaning.

Spring Cleaning is a daunting task to do. This article provided you with some simple steps to do in order to get the cleaning job done. One final thing, if you want to get the job finished a little faster, then turn on some music – it always works.

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