When we think about organising our home we usually think of boring plastic tubs and wardrobe spaces, and even though some of us absolutely love clearing out our loft space to reorganise and label everything, it isn’t the most fun part of arranging our homes for the rest of us, but this doesn’t have to mean that you can avoid it, especially if you’re proud of your lovely home! But there are a few things we can do that makes it a little bit easier, and dare we say enjoyable?

Keeping Your Home Organised Easily


Labelling machines are becoming quite popular among those of us who want to make sure we are organised, and who doesn’t love printing little labels out so everyone knows what’s in each storage basket? This obviously reduces time spent looking for things, and trying to work out where to put items when tidying up, just don’t get carried away and end up labelling too much! The time saved after we’ve categorised all our stationery, accessories and small items may not seem a lot but it all adds up over time, and taking a little bit of pressure off ourselves here and there is never a bad thing. Plus, have you seen the different types of labelling options available now?

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Make It Easier

If you make organising your home easier for yourself then you are much more likely to want to get it done, making organisation easier means there’s a little more leg work at the beginning, but keeping it up will be a lot quicker and less stressful than ever before. We’re really lucky to have all sorts of gadgets and things to make the organisation of your home easier. If you want to reduce your out of season clothing down to a much smaller volume, these are popular amongst vacuum-packing lovers who can help you tidy it all away. That way you can fit much more into your storage areas and not worry so much about having to find more space, because let’s face it we want to keep our storage areas free for much more important things!

Kikkerland's Felt iBed Storage
Kikkerland’s Felt iBed Storage is a simple, easy organization solution. It features a storage compartment covered in dark grey felt and a removable wood lid to make it an all-in-one work or play station. Keep everything you need for work, play or travel neatly organized and easy to access.

Be Ruthless

There’s a lot to be said for the minimalist lifestyle that many people choose now, and even if you aren’t looking to reduce all of your belongings down to a small amount, then there are plenty of ways in which you can reduce the amount of clutter in your home. Starting with a positive mindset and creating different piles, including a charity shop and recycling pile for clothes at least. Those jeans you are keeping for ‘one day’ that you haven’t worn for five years are certainly something you can send to a new home, depending on their quality, people will pay good money for vintage items now remember!

Everyone is different but most will agree that if you are able to tidy and clean your home quickly, you’re more likely to feel happy spending time at home, and that’s invaluable!