It’s not unusual for families to have a few dozen electronic devices in their possessions.

After all, we need them for work, play and for almost all our daily tasks.

Year after year we upgrade to the newest models, while our stack of old gadgets gather dust in attics, garages and sheds.

The solution? Declutter! It’s one way of responsibly disposing of our old things and perhaps getting something back in the process.

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What Will You Still Need? Which Gadget Will You No Longer Use?

Considering de-cluttering and need to do it in an efficient way?

Gather everything you, your family members and your pet isn’t using and put them all in one stack. To keep it simple, you should divide them into two stacks- the ones you want to keep and the ones that you want to dispose. Don’t forget to put in the wires, cables and adapters you find hiding inside drawers and boxes.

Here’s what you can do in a categorical manner:

Laptops, Desktop Computers and Accessories

Find the right adapter for your computer or laptop, plug them in and see if they still work. PC or Mac accessories should be tested for functionality as well. Defective and broken electronics should be grouped together for later disposal.

Movie and Music, PC disks and Video Game DVDs

For PC disks, is the accessory or hardware still in your possession and working? Keep DVDs that have collector’s value and ones that contain personal data, i.e., pictures and videos. Drivers and installation software can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Cables and Chargers

Pair up all cables and chargers with their corresponding devices. Label them with “iPhone 6 charger” or something similar and put everything in a box. If you haven’t used any of the cables or chargers after 6 months, then you may dispose of them for good.

Radios, Power Tools and Peripherals

Last but not the least, sort out the remotes, peripherals such as hearing aids, radios and the like. Take the battery out and restore to factory settings, if possible. Consider the ones you’d like to keep and donate the rest to charity or a goodwill shop.

So now you’ll have two piles of electronics- ones that you still want, and the one that’s going out. The question is, how can you dispose of your old items and declutter like a professional?

Get Rid of Electronics in A Safe and Responsible Way

It’s important to note that responsible recycling should always be your first option when de-cluttering your house of old tech. Don’t just throw them at the waste bin because your item can end up in landfills and pollute the ground and contaminate drinking water.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can do away with your old electronic goods:

Sell Your Old Tech Online

Get back a portion of your money back by selling your old, unwanted gadgets on the internet. You may even be wondering ‘what is the best way to sell my apple watch?’, and you’ll be able to choose whichever company is willing to pay you more for your gadgets!

Reputable online marketplaces such as Amazon, Craigslist or eBay are good places to sell your mobile phone, laptop, game console and other items. Simply snap a clear photo, upload the device, put up a good description and wait for the offers to come in.

If you’re pressed for time and want to get quick cash for your newer gadgets, you can head straight to online recycling sites such as Plunc and get monetary returns on high-ticket tech.

Recycle For Cash Or Store Credits

Big companies and tech manufacturers such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Motorola and Samsung will have recycling programs that provide incentives for users who want to have their old gadgets disposed of in a responsible manner. You get buyback options, upgrades or store credit along the way.

For ancient tech such as printers, fax machines, CRT monitors and TVs, you can call your local recycling company and have them pick it up for free.

Give Your Gadget As Gift A Gift To A Friend, Relative or The Community

One of the best ways to give your working gadget a new lease in life is to give it to someone who will enjoy it and treat it with TLC.

Consider handing it to your favorite niece or nephew on the next family gathering, or to your best friend who’s always been there for you. Also, charity organizations such as shelters, schools and local hospitals can definitely use an extra tablet, mobile phone or laptop computer.

Find your old gadget a new home and a new lease in life and save the environment in the process. It’s a win-win deal!