Just like humans, dogs need lots of care and attention to ensure they’re happy and healthy. From long walks in the park, healthy nourishing meals, to plenty of cuddles and treats, it’s important to know what your dog needs in order for them to live a good life. Whilst every breed of dog is different and often requires different levels of care, there are a handful of things to keep in mind that apply to all dogs. Here are some of the top tips on how to keep your dog healthy and ensure their tail keeps wagging.

Ensure Your Dog is Happy and Healthy

Health Checks

Keeping your dog healthy is a constant task, with different things to think about almost every season. Firstly, ensure your dog is fully updated on their vaccinations, as this will protect them from any diseases that could cause them problems further down the line. You then need to think about the flea and tick treatments, worming, dental care and their joints.

Whilst you can go to the vets to have their joints assessed, you can purchase high-quality products like Juve Flex off the shelf in your local pet store or online that can help with any joint discomfort your dog might be experiencing. These types of supplements can help to ensure your dog’s joints are looked after. As well as supplements, the right food is of paramount importance to ensure that your dog is healthy throughout their entire life – a high-quality adult food like Ultimate Pet Nutrition is packed full of the things your dog needs and can keep your dog at optimum health.

Knowing the Facts

As mentioned above, every dog breed is different from the next and many people fail to educate themselves properly on their pets breed and any common illnesses or health problems that are common with that breed. Whether you do some research before you bring your dog home, or you learn the facts once your dog is part of the family, it’s beneficial to educate yourself properly so that you’re aware of any issues you may have to deal with further down the line.

Like us humans, dogs get anxiety too – especially when you move home. If you’re looking for some advice on effective coping strategies for a dog, click the link.

Being aware of potential health conditions that your dog could experience will help you to monitor them well and keep them healthy, providing them with any medication they may need to prevent the illnesses from developing.

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If you want your dog to behave properly in the house and not embarrass you in public places, then you should invest some quality time in training them. Training your dog will not only help them to learn and put their intelligence into practice, but it will save you from having to apologise to people for your dog’s unruly behaviour. Whilst you still want your dog to have character and release its cheeky side now and then, having basic training put into practice is essential. Putting in the hours to train your dog will also help build a stronger bond between you both, which is something worth cherishing!

Whether you have to train an older dog or are just learning how to train a puppy. There are plenty of things that you may have to consider. Chances are though you can work through it as the challenges come your way. If you don’t know exactly what to do then you are just a Google away from searching your problem, a problem that likely lots of other dog owners have experienced themselves before and then you can find the right advice as you need it.


Dogs are extremely sociable animals and they love nothing more than constant attention, even if it is from the postman or your next-door neighbour! You often find that dogs are slightly cheeky when it comes to attention, as they’ll go to whoever is offering to give it to them but allowing your dog to socialise with other dogs is just as important to keep them happy. Whether it’s heading down to the local park to play with the other dogs, or you take them on walks with friends dogs, you want your dog to grow up around other dogs, so that they can learn to play nicely with them and socialise in their own way.

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