Admit it, for most dog parents out there. We all treat them as part of our family, and they love cuddling on the couch almost as much as we do. However, encouraging your dog to hang out on your upholstered furniture can inflict significant fabric damage.

When you have dogs, it may seem not easy to keep your furniture clean and in good shape, but this is not the case. There are also lots of materials that won’t absorb any unusual odours your dog might leave behind. Here are the fabrics that are practically perfect if you have dogs that may surprise you.

Top 4 Dog-Friendly Furniture Fabrics this 2021


Microfiber is a plastic substance with a stain-resistance reputation. Microfiber is the best cloth in general, whether you have a dog or a pet. This synthetic fibre, also known as microsuede, is a pet lover’s fantasy. It’s easy to vacuum, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting.

Microfiber is another upholstery cloth that is immune to dog fur. Microfibers with a close thread, for example, avoid loose hair from adhering to the fabric. And more open microfiber weaves are quick to clean; if dog fur does get stuck to the yarn, rub it with a cloth to clear it.

Liquids don’t easily penetrate the fabric, and you can wash most stains with a little soap and water. Also, you can vacuum or use a lint brush to extract hairs without destroying the material. It often comes in several colours and designs due to its plastic nature.


Leather is the perfect upholstery lining for repelling dog fur. Leather is resistant to dog fur, and it quickly peels away from the surface. Aside from being an excellent pet-friendly alternative that doesn’t accumulate pet fur, it is exceptionally sturdy and easy to clean. This quality is long-lasting and easy to vacuum, and pet fur won’t cling to the leather’s smooth surface.

Unlike most materials and surfaces, leather does not trap odours when it is not knit or loomed. It’s a smart idea to have a wide throw and toss pillows on hand to help shield the leather surfaces from scratching.

Furthermore, if dog hair does collect on leather furniture, it is quick to remove. Dog hair contains oil that does not stain leather and is quickly removed. As a result, if you’re searching for new furniture for your puppy, leather is a good alternative. Suede leathers can be less water repellent than other forms of leather.

Look for Finished or Semi-Aniline leather if you have dogs. It is the type of leather with the broadest range of applications, particularly in the automobile, aviation, and marine industries, due to the topical applications during the finishing process. The easiest way to keep this leather clean is to scrub it down with a moist cloth now and then.

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Outdoor Fabrics

Most people wouldn’t consider using outdoor fabrics for indoor furniture, but given how immune they are to soil and water outside the building, they’ll be just fine inside. Not only that, outdoor fabrics are suitable curtain fabrics too. Check the curtain fabric from Yorkshire for the best materials available in the market.

It’ll be able to withstand whatever a dog throws at them, and it’s vital to look for materials that are mould and mildew resistant, as well as ones that can handle the mess that a dog can leave. If your outdoor fabric options can survive the elements, they will also fit well indoors.

In addition to that, outdoor fabrics are durable and easy to scrub, and they can survive claws and scratches without tearing. Also, they’re available in a range of fun designs and colours.

Natural fabric alternatives are suitable for outdoor fabrics and can even be used as dog-proof fabric. Outdoor cloth choices aren’t as fluffy as other fabrics, but they do an excellent job of offering a cosy spot for your pet to sit.


While wool is an expensive upholstery cloth, it is undoubtedly pet friendly. Natural fibres, such as linen, are durable and resilient, but they retain stains faster than synthetic fabrics. It will, on the other hand, clean up more efficiently and effectively. Wool has the advantage of being inherently flame retardant.

These fabrics are resistant to tiny particles and attract far fewer pet hairs than most fabrics. In comparison, these materials are much more breathable and anti-microbial. It means they won’t ingest odours, which is vital when you have a puppy. On the other hand, the open weave will cause their claws to catch on the material, which is why you should keep their nails trimmed.


When you have dogs in your home, you will always have to deal with their fur and scratches. It’s necessary to strive to keep these to a minimum on furniture. If you know what dog-proof fabrics to buy, you can keep your furniture looking good.

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Choosing a cloth with a close weave would be a smart call. Stains and mud would be easier to conceal in darker shades. Dogs with white fur will still surface in dark colours. For hair to blend in, a lighter fabric style would be a safer option.