There are lots of benefits to creating a feature wall. They can be an excellent way to add colour to a small room without overwhelming the space, and they’re good for keeping bright shades to a minimum while still having an impact. A feature wall should catch the eye as people walk into the room, and stand out as something that brings the whole space together. If you want to create a feature wall in your home, there are many different ways you can do it. Many people just paint or wallpaper one wall a different colour from the rest, but there are plenty of other creative things you can do too. Try one of these ideas to give your home some wow factor.

Creative Ways to Create a Feature Wall in Your Home 

Focus on Pattern and Colour

One of the simplest ways to create a feature wall is to choose one side of the room to be a different colour or pattern from the rest. It doesn’t necessarily require picking a big and bold hue that’s bright enough to blind you, although solid colours can work. For example, you might have a room with very light grey walls and choose to paint one a darker shade or a dusky purple. Wallpapers are fantastic for adding texture and pattern for a bolder look. You could use a vintage design, add stripes or polka dots, and much more.

Using Colour to Change the Look of Your Rooms
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Make a Calendar

If you live in a busy family household, turn one wall in your kitchen or dining room into a calendar. Use blackboard or whiteboard material that you can write on and wipe clean, with large squares for writing the month’s activities and appointments. It can look stylish but also give your house a homey and lived-in feel.

Desenio Calendar

Use Picture Frames

To give your feature wall extra dimension, use it to create a wall of art and photos. Buy a bunch of picture frames from somewhere like Desenio and fill them with your favourite photos, posters, and wall art. You can choose matching frames for a unified look or pick mismatched ones for a quirky feel. There are different shapes, textures and colours you can utilise to make an eye-catching mural. You can use Desenio’s Gallery Wall Tool to find designs and frames that match each other.

Desenio Picture Frames

Put up a Bookcase

If you want to make your wall stand out, even more, use a bookcase or similar storage unit. You can put colourful paint or wallpaper on the inside (or on the wall if the case has an open back). Instead of just filling it with books, use lots of different objects to create a display. Put out vases, little statues, candlesticks and other trinkets.

Furniture Project: Bookcase
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Use the Fireplace

A fireplace is ideal for making a feature out of a wall if you have one in your home. It already draws attention as one of the main elements of the room, so you can easily emphasise it further. Choose a different colour or pattern for the wall and hang a mirror or picture frame above it for extra effect.

How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home
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It’s easy to make a feature wall in any room of your home. You can choose to highlight it in any way that you like, and soon visitors won’t be able to stop themselves from commenting on it.

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