Dearest readers, the new season of Bridgerton is upon us and we understand you appreciate the sophisticated visual detailing regency interiors can bring you, from rich, deep textures and contrasts, colour hues, layering, luxury bedding and furnishings. The era consumes decorative elements carved into furniture, motifs combining a beautiful array of colours, and upholstery we can only dream of.

Be More Bridgerton

We have teamed up with the interior design experts at Couture Living to show you how you can be more Bridgerton in your home interiors. It’s time to embrace early 19th-century styling, absorbing decadence with extravagance, and glamour with regal beauty. Let’s create an alluring boudoir to die for.

“The Bridgertons are always seen in subdued blues and pinks, and this is translated in their home décor, from florals, graceful drapery, antique furnishings, four-poster beds, antique brass cabinet hardware, majestic patterns, and damask wallpaper. Originally, damask wallpapering was used in line with matching upholstery, which we can see is reflected in the décor in the popular Netflix series.” – The design team at Couture Living

Curtain Patterns

Curtain Patterns - Couture Living
Image Credit: Couture Living

“You can see here how opting for soft furnishings and window dressings in the subdued, classic blue tones that the Bridgerton’s deem their signature colour really replicates the glamorous, regal charm the set of Bridgerton displays. Additionally, choosing window treatments that offer a motif pattern, with blackout lining provides you with better night sleep and a 19th-century elegant window style.” – Couture Living

Looking at Bridgerton’s home style, we can see they incorporate fair blue, gentle gold, and creams. For the ultimate luxurious touch, by pairing your window dressing with wallpaper that contrasts in florals and comparable colour hues you are bringing the Bridgerton look home. Dramatic drapes, repetitive florals, ornate patterns, and luxurious materials are the foundations of a regal 19th-century home interior, say the experts.

Wallpaper Patterns

Wallpaper Patterns - Couture Living
Image Credit: Couture Living

In addition to your luxurious window dressing and complimenting wallpaper, it’s time to introduce the accent décor, antique furnishings, and brass cabinet hardware for the ultimate finesse. Decorative staple pieces merge the 21st century with the 19th century here, from small side tables, console tables with marble and marquetry, antique mirrors and metallic finishes really lock in the Bridgerton look.

Styling your home with beautifully ornate, floral patterned doorknobs in Florentine bronze adds the finer detailing that if overlooked, can diminish the quality of your regencycore, 19th-century style. GJohns provides an array of antique brass, and bronze handles for your cabinetry and internal doors to complete your look to a Bridgerton standard.

Flower Pattern Door Knobs
Image Credit: GJohns

Let’s talk chandeliers.

Your regencycore isn’t complete without a cascading chandelier. Our favourite is the Laura Ashley, Enid Polished Nickel & Cut Glass 5 Light Grand Chandelier – you know a light fitting is picturesque if it’s a mouthful to say!

3 Layers of Home Lighting
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There is an abundance of options for your light fittings that are fit for transforming any dining room, kitchen, living room, and bedroom – like the Rome Table Lamp by Wilko.

Rome Table Lamp
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If you’re yet to watch Bridgerton, you can head to Netflix right now to watch the series, we can guarantee you will be styling your home like Violet, Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton in no time, or perhaps you’ll be a Featherington… If you know, you know!