We all like a nice area to sit out and enjoy the good weather and making your backyard into a haven to relax or entertain friends and family could be a brilliant way to make the most of the sunshine. It can be relatively inexpensive if you use decking or a pergola as the solution, and a combination of the two can be even more effective. Outside home improvements are becoming more popular as people realize how they can actually create some extra living space.

Outdoor Space


Pergolas can be a beautiful addition to any home, really adding a touch of class to your backyard. They come in many different shapes and sizes and you can even get custom pergolas from ALD.  Made from recycled wood and a plastic film, you can have arches, curves, and lighting as part of your design.

Although most people opt for wood because it is more aesthetically pleasing, you can also have them in low maintenance PVC. The guarantees against defective workmanship can be as much as 25 years for composite material pergolas, although you will need to reseal the wood ones occasionally.


Wood decking looks really good, but it can be prone to damage from insects and the weather. A better option is decking made from composite materials, which will be maintenance free and far less likely to suffer any damage. This type of decking will not need sanding and staining to keep it looking stunning, and with a choice of colours, it will be only you that knows the difference.

Decking can provide very pleasant seating or eating areas that will get more use than you may have imagined. Companies like decking services Sydney specialises in custom made designs.

A Combination of Them Both

A combination of decking and a pergola can really make your backyard a very pleasant place to be, and impress anyone that comes calling. With some nice furniture to finish it off, it can be an area for you to be proud of.

None of these options are overly expensive, but will you get a return on your investment if you decide to sell the property? It seems that it very much depends on your location. In warmer climates, the outsides areas get more use, so then decking or a pergola will produce a better return than if you live in a colder climate.

The return on investment can also be affected by the state of the property market in your area. If house sales are booming then any home improvement, including outdoor ones, will give you a good return. If the housing market where you live is stagnant, most home improvements just become a bit of a bonus for the buyer.

However, when most people are having decking, or a pergola installed, they are not considering how much they will get back when they sell. They are thinking of the many relaxing and happy times they will be able to enjoy in this very pleasant area they have created.