Many first-time buyers opt to buy a run-down house and upgrade it with modern features to either transform it into their dream home or sell it to make a profit.

When you have a limited budget, you need to prioritise what improvements to conduct and implement design changes that will have a dramatic effect.

If you aren’t sure where to invest your time and money, continue reading this guide for five ways to modernise your property effectively.

5 Ways to Dramatically Modernise Your House

1) Exterior cladding

If your property’s exterior looks tired, you can freshen it up by applying exterior cladding to the surface, which is an additional layer of building material. Cladding also enhances the property’s thermal efficiency and weather resistance.

Timber cladding creates a striking and industrial aesthetic that will instantly modernise your home.

International Timber, the UK’s leading importer and distributor of bespoke and sustainable timber, offer a wide range of stylish and durable exterior cladding.

There are numerous species of timber to choose from, with varying natural colours that will evolve into a unique silver hue over time. Alternatively, you can lessen the weathering with a treatment.

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2) Updated bathroom

Renovating the bathroom is a time-consuming and expensive job but it can add value to your property and provide you with a luxurious haven to unwind.

In a recent survey, 80% of respondents said they would pay more for a house with a modern bathroom. The study found that a rainfall shower was the most sought-after bathroom trend among UK buyers too.

Other popular trends included:

  • A marble vanity top
  • A minimalist design
  • A freestanding bath
  • Brass fixtures and fittings

The research also revealed that white, light blue, and grey were the most popular bathroom colours.

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3) Fresh paint

Adding a lick of paint to the interior walls can brighten and inject colour into a room.

Replacing old-fashioned wallpaper or run-down paint with a fresh coat of paint can inject colour in the room. Using stylish shades such as emerald green and blush pink will transform the entire room’s visual.

If you prefer to keep the design simple and understated, just refresh the old paint, and brighten up off-white walls with a crisp hue.

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4) Smart home technology

Smart technology connects gadgets to your phone or a hub so that you can control them remotely. It’s a desired home feature as it brings luxury and convenience to your space. Intelligent devices, fixtures, and appliances, often have a sleek and modern design too.

A previous survey revealed that 65% of respondents would pay more for a smart home, and in another study, 54% said they would opt for a smart home instead of an identical house without smart technology.

There are intelligent gadgets available to upgrade each room of the house, such as smart toilets, lamps, ovens, and fridges.

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5) Stylish flooring

The floor of a room can make or break the overall appearance. If you modernise the surrounding décor but leave outdated and worn-down carpet or hardwood flooring, it’ll ruin the desired effect and look out of place.

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Contemporary flooring designs include:

  • Herringbone or chevron oak planks
  • Painted hardwood floorboards
  • Concrete-look tiling
  • Patterned vinyl sheet or tiling
  • Hexagon tiling

Placing a statement rug over the flooring and a runner on the staircase will enhance the appearance while making the floor more comfortable and slip-resistant.

Renovating a home is usually a long and slow process, so it helps to focus on the most needed and noticeable improvements that will transform the house into a contemporary abode.

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