Poker is a popular game whether you’re playing at home with your friends or at a netti kasino. Many people have their own idea of what the perfect home poker room looks like. If you want to set one up for yourself, think about the features and services that helped you enjoy your playing experience.

In this article, with the help of our expert Maunu Seppinen, we discuss some ideas to help you build the best poker room. So, keep reading to get some ideas you can use on your room’s design.

How to Design a Poker Room


Where your poker room is located in your house is essential to make the space your own. Ask yourself if you want to be in a central location or a spare room in your basement. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide where the best place is for easy access.

Once you’ve chosen a place, make sure there is enough room to add the features you want, whether a bar, a computer, a television or any other decorations. This is the time to do some planning and mapping of where everything will go.


Since you’re in your own home, your home poker room design is up to your preferences. If you want to change the flooring or the paint on the walls, you can do that. If you’re going to change your home’s structure, such as removing a wall, you’ll need to speak with a professional to ensure you follow the building code.

For example, you can have wood panels installed on the walls to give the space a 1950s theme that’s friendly, appealing, and cosy. You could also add curved wall panels to provide the room with a unique feel. No matter how you decorate the room, make sure it’s visually appealing to you.

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Setting and Atmosphere

Another aspect of your poker room is the acoustics. You can add a sound system to play music in the background or set up to watch a sports event. There are also soundproofing options that you can choose from.

When designing your poker room, you should keep comfort in mind; you and your friends should be okay playing as long as you want. You can look into the room’s temperature and make sure it’s not too hot or cold. The theme and colour are included in this; your playing space should be inviting. You can add warm colours that’ll bring a layer of elegance to the room.

Lighting is another crucial part of your space. As you play, you and your guests should be able to see your cards without the lights being too harsh. You can solve this with an overhead light above the table; there are several poker designs with decorative options. To better control the lights, you can have dimmer switches installed and ambient light sources on the walls.  This ensures everyone will be able to see their own cards.

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Table and Chairs

If you’ve looked into home poker room ideas, you’ve probably seen various table styles. Many people decide to splurge in this area on a professional-style table. You can also get a collapsible surface to place on top just if you need to use the table for something else. Having a good table will give your poker room a professional feel.

When it comes to chairs, there isn’t a standard type or style. So, this gives you the creative licence to pick a comfortable seat and meet your tastes. Your main goal should be to make sure you and your guests will be able to enjoy their time playing in your poker room.

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Chips and Cards

It’s easy to get a set of poker chips. The ones you purchase should be durable and easy to clean. It would also be best to get a set to tell the difference between the denominations quickly. Other than that, it’s up to you to decide which chips would fit the style of your room.

Getting the right deck of cards can be more tricky. You want your cards to be made from plastic instead of cardboard so that they last longer. Visibility is also essential; you don’t want the font on the cards to be overbearing and look silly. You also don’t want the font so small that you can’t identify what number is on the cards.


Designing your at-home poker room allows you to create an area that is your own. Creating a space where you and your guests can play poker can be a fun project that caters to your needs.