You sit on the deck reminiscing about a few days ago, you had a cocktail in your hand while the sun was setting and all was good in the neighbourhood. The kids were driving you mad and running around the house but it had been a long week and you just left them to do their thing, just for a minute while you got a moment to yourself.

Your hubby walked in with a platter of nibbles, you both slumped down in your chairs exhausted from a hectic weekly schedule and glad that it was over. You look around at the kids having fun, the beautiful home you’ve built, life is not that bad.

Fast forward the weekend and suddenly you’re hit with a disaster that seems to never end, the evening weather is gale force, wind howling through the cracks in the door seals you were meant to get repaired months ago, and you’re praying your windowpanes to stay put till the morning.

Having finally fallen asleep in the wee hours of the morning, woken up by recurring thoughts of what the outside world now looks like, you lay there wide awake, eyes open, while hubby is still snoring deep in dreamland.

Patio Screen Repair Service

Finally dragging your feet out the duvet you get up and go and see what’s waiting for you downstairs. Not wanting to look outside you head straight for the coffee pot and switch the light on, you smell the creamy brew as it slowly pours into the cup, putting on the armour for you to tackle the day.

You brace yourself and head for the patio door.

To your surprise things look pretty reasonable, yes bushes are blown over, and tables and chairs have fallen over, but all in all the garden is in pretty good shape. You go around to the conservatory area to see what the damage is, and that is when you see it.

Your once beautiful seating area where many an occasion has taken place is now a hole filled with leaves and ripped sides. The leaves are easily swept up but the sides are going to need a professional. You rip off what is left of the screen and head inside for the phone book.

Ideally, you want a company that comes with a reputable reputation, one that cannot only offer professional advice but quality customer service.

Companies such as these are well sought after, have years of experience in their arsenal of employees, and many a customer rave review on their webpage.

If this is the type of repair service you are looking for then check out or sites like it and see which option best suits you and your scenario, a quick chat to a professional may be just the answer to your prayers you have been looking for all along.

Besides, having a trained specialist handle the job allows for it to be done right the first time around using ‘specific for the job’ tools as opposed to hubby trying his DIY tricks after watching one too many YouTube videos. Am I right?

When to call in a professional.

I am all about trying new things, perhaps a DIY project you saw online you want to give a go, but certain jobs need to be done properly. They are special tools that need to be used, putting items back in place properly so Mother Nature can’t try her luck again.

The great thing about having a patio screen is the safety from bugs, but that’s just me. If you’ve recently had your screen set up and installed, then most likely still being under warranty, its cheapest option.

You may also get a recommendation from a family member or friend who has been happy with their service, giving you peace of mind and knowing it will be completed correctly and efficiently.

Doing things on your own may seem the easier option but when problems arise things can go wrong quickly, also if you’ve had a custom made screen fitted then store-bought just won’t cut it, this is the home you have built for your family, to raise your kids in, have work done right to last for their futures.

Benefits of a patio screen protector.

Many people have opinions on whether they are good or bad, some more relevant than others when it comes down to the facts, read this blog article for a look at what others have to say.

  • Being outside. It allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to dress for the weather, you can enjoy nature without touching it, and it’s advantageous for people with allergies.
  • Bugs. You don’t need to be worried about being bitten by insects, young children can play freely in the sunshine without the sound of buzzing around them. The last thing you want is a bee sting in the middle of summer.
  • Furniture. Outdoor furniture lasts longer without harsh elements beating down on them, essentially saving you money in the long run by putting off having to repurchase an outdoor seating set.

No matter how bad the damages are, take your time when researching a company to use. Do your homework and make sure they provide the services you are looking for, that they are certified to carry out the process, and have been in the business for several years ensuring they have seen and done it all.

Once you have chosen, make your home as beautiful as you deserve.