Top Tips To Help You Make A Tiny Bathroom Feel Bigger

Andrew Hyde

Many of us have a tiny bathroom in our home. Some people see it as a blessing because it gives less for them to clean. Most of us, however, dream of a spacious room where we can relax and enjoy a good soak in the tub. A huge bathroom also gives designers room to exercise their creative muscles and create a pleasant setting.

If your house or apartment has a tiny space and you seek inspiration for how to make it look roomy, here are a few tips to guide your thoughts. Many of the principles you would use in any other room apply here too.

Change The Tiles

Your bathroom probably has tiles from floor to ceiling. If they are a dark shade, it can cause the room to look smaller than it should. Replace the tiles with some of a light colour. White tiles are attractive, but you can tone it down by using a cream, or maybe something a bit more vibrant such as yellow. The colour doesn’t matter as long as it is bright.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to replace all of the tiles, so only undertake it as a last resort. There are other things you can do first.

The Suite

The correct choice of suite for the room is vital. Builders sometimes get it wrong and install a bathtub that is unsuitable for a small space. Are you aware that they come in all shapes and sizes? Visit your local showroom and see what they have on offer. If the members of your family are short, you may not need a huge tub. Replace it with something that is appropriate to you and the size of your room.

Think about replacing the sink with something from the range of unique vanities that you will find in any showroom. The vanity unit takes up little extra space but gives you somewhere to hide your toiletries and towels, which brings me to my next point.


You can make a difference to a room by keeping it clean and clutter-free. Try not to have any bottles on display. If you have a handy airing cupboard, keep the bath towels there. If there is anything on view, it will affect your impression of the space.

Use Mirrors

Fit a sizeable mirror on one of the walls. It can make the room look twice as big instantly. Mirror tiles look cheap, so if you want a top-quality design, get someone to cut a mirror for you. They will drill some fixing holes, and even install it for a charge.

Shower Screen

Shower curtains look ugly and take up valuable space. Think about a shower screen instead. It should have clear glass if possible so that you can see through it, and it does not stop the mirror from reflecting the entire room.

If you have a tiny bathroom, don’t despair. These things will help you transform it into a cavernous space. Well, they will help to trick the mind at least. Often the best tricks go unnoticed by your guests; if you can achieve that, your work is done. Many of the ideas don’t cost much either, so what are you waiting for? Enlarge your bathroom today, it’s easy!