There are lots of interesting design concepts for homes made entirely from glass. While these often look cool and futuristic, most of us aren’t willing to give up our privacy and in many cases, it just isn’t practical. That doesn’t mean that the material doesn’t have its place in interior design though. In fact, glass is an incredibly versatile material that can be incorporated into many different rooms of your home.

How to Incorporate Glass into Different Rooms of Your Home

The Bathroom

Glass is a very useful material to use in the bathroom, especially if the space is on the smaller side. For instance, rather than using a typical shower curtain, you could instead try using a glass divider to separate the room. By visually blocking off space in an already small room, the curtain would make your bathroom feel even smaller than it already is. Meanwhile, using parts from Barrier Components to create a glass enclosure will give you the illusion of more space. For extra privacy, you can use frosted glass to blur what’s behind the screen. If you’re worried about limescale, choose a frameless enclosure that won’t trap the build-up.

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The Kitchen

Many kitchens use tiles along the countertops to add an extra layer of personality to the space. This is a great way to add an accent of colour while still keeping the overall design of the room relatively neutral. However, over the years the grout in between the tiles will need resurfacing as moisture builds up and damages the cement-based mixture. Using a glass splashback is much easier to maintain and they’re also available in a variety of modern coloured, patterned, or textured designs. To get more idea about these varieties of glass, Go now and study what type of glass will be best suited for the targeted location in your house. Similarly, glass is an ideal material for kitchen worktops, as the shiny surface will help to reflect light around the room.

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Finally, opting for glass furnishings like tables, office desks, and mirrors can help to create a stylish and modern feel. While on their own they can add a sophisticated executive look, when paired with the right materials, like exposed brick or metals, they can help to form a unique, industrial aesthetic that sets your home apart from the rest. Not only is glass furniture often made with extra durability in mind, but you also don’t have to worry about it becoming worn out or the colours fading away with time, making it a great investment in the long term.

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Let us know how you plan to incorporate these ideas into your own home in the comments below and don’t forget to take a look at some of the other amazing things you can do with glass in the home.