Can you recreate seaside memories with a diffuser or candle?

Here we are evoking seaside memories with Chesil Beach scents from Landon Tyler

Do you underestimate your sense of smell? If so, think of the power it has to whisk you away from the humdrum grind of everyday life to a special time and place. Now you can revisit your happiest memories any time you want with Landon Tyler’s range of luxury fragrances for your home.

seaside memories

Recreate your seaside memories with the clean, oceanic scent of Landon Tyler’s Chesil Beach fragrance, perfect for this time of year when the summer still seems such a long way away. Revisit childhood days scrambling on rocks and paddling in freezing water, warm summers spent with the family or invigorating cliff top walks with friends and get that holiday feeling all year round.
seaside memories

Landon Tyler’s Chesil Beach fragrance captures the fresh scent of the coast perfectly. Choose from single and triple-wick candles and 50 and 100ml diffusers to bring a breath of sea-scented air into your home. Made from the finest quality ingredients, beautifully packaged and presented, these quality products make perfect, affordable gifts for a friend – or for yourself! So, if you can’t bear the thought of leaving the seaside this summer or you just can’t get to the beach this year, why not bring the coast into your home with a Landon Tyler Chesil Beach candle and diffuser?
seaside memories

Candle – Single wick 200g £10,  Triple wick 450g £15.
Diffuser – 100ml £12, 2 x 50ml £12
Hand wash Set £9.99

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