The only broom you’ll never need!


Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, wet or dry, the Rubber Wonderbroom (£9.99 from is the perfect all-in-one appliance that will effortlessly clean your home.

A product that will change your life forever, the Rubber Wonderbroom (WATCH VIDEO HERE) can be used on kitchen tiles, carpets and even to clean your windows. Unlike ordinary brooms where the bristles can separate, leaving noticeable dirt behind, the Rubber Wonderbroom’s specially designed rubber bristles catch every last bit of dirt to ensure your home is gleaming from top to bottom.

The rubber bristles are so effective you can also use the Rubber Wonderbroom as a mop. Mop your dirty floors and then simply flip over the head and use the built-in squeegee to wipe up the remaining foam! The rubber head also ensures the broom itself is easy to clean, so there are no nasty bacteria or germs left to build up over time.

Featuring an adjustable telescopic handle, the broom is easy to use and lightweight, making difficult corners super easy to reach. The slim and compact design also means the broom can be easily stored away when you’re not using it.

Whether you are planning a spring clean in your garden or decluttering a dusty cupboard, there is no better way to beat the dirt than with the Rubber Wonderbroom from JML!

Rubber Wonderbroom from JML is available for just £9.99 from and selected stockists.