One of the rooms in the home that we spend a lot of time in is the kitchen. So you want it to be as you like it, as much as you can. How much more inviting is it to go in a kitchen that is stylish and functional? I know it makes me want to do more cooking and baking for sure. If it is drab, dark and dirty, I just want to avoid that room! So how can we update our kitchens to make them appealing to us? Here are some of my thoughts.

Have a Deep Clean

Any room is more inviting and welcoming if it is sparkling clean. So a good place to start a kitchen update is with a deep clean. Wipe down the kitchen unit doors and drawer pulls. Think about defrosting the freezer and cleaning the oven and microwave. A deep clean is the big cleaning that doesn’t get done all of the time. Mop the floors and disinfect worktops. It can take a few hours to do it right, so enlist some help if you need.

Deep Clean


While you are cleaning it is a good idea, to clean the inside of the cupboards too. As the pots and pans will be out, look through what you no longer need. If there is anything that you no longer need, then get rid of it. Then you will create more space in the cupboards, and it will make it much easier to find what you want. How many of us just give up with that idea of steaming the vegetables, if the steamer is hidden under lots of pans, at the back of the cupboard? Clutter is the worst when you want to enjoy being in a room.

Update Your Accessories

I know for me, that if I have some up-to-date and stylish accessories, I will want to be in the room with them. If a gorgeous new cherry red KitchenAid mixer doesn’t get get someone into baking, then I don’t know what will! It doesn’t have to be things as extravagant as that either. It could just be getting something like a new toaster or microwave. A Nutri bullet might be a good idea to help you to eat more fruit and vegetables. Just go for whatever new accessories you need, and what is within your budget. Choose things that will help you to get into cooking. You will want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, using your fab new gadgets.

Clean Kitchen


Update the Flooring

I don’t know about you, but I think dark and dingy rooms are the worst. I love bright and open spaces. Kitchens can sometimes be on the small side, so you don’t want them to be made to look even smaller. A kitchen isn’t a room that you can fill with space-making mirrors, so the flooring is a good place to start. Big, bold tiles can brighten up the space. As can some wooden laminate flooring, making the space look larger than it is. Just don’t go for carpet, of course! You can look for ideas online to see what you like and what styles might work. A website like UK Flooring Online would be a somewhere to start. You don’t want to spend a lot replacing the kitchen units necessarily. So pick flooring that compliments the units and worktops that you already have. If your kitchen is a nice open and bright space, it will make it’s way to the top of your favourite rooms to be in!


Along the same lines as flooring, lighting can make a massive difference to the feel of the room. This can add to the illusion of space and just make things easier too. If it is a dark winter’s evening, lots of lighting will still make the kitchen an inviting place to be. If you don’t already have some worktop lighting, that is something to consider. Then you can have focused light on the worktops. It is functional and helpful, as well as looking good. You can almost create ‘mood lighting’ with it, by only having those lights on. Spotlights look great in kitchens, but sometimes have a feature light is a must. You could opt for a light fixture that has space for several bulbs. Then you can point and direct the to the areas of the room you want them to focus on. A pendant or chandelier style light can look amazing having over a kitchen island. If you have one of those, then you might not need any other reasons to be in the kitchen. Kitchen envy right there!