Spring is the busiest time of the year for gardeners. This is the time when the sun is out, the birds are singing, and the grass is greener. If winter is when you pack up your tools, spring is when you take them out and do the much-needed work.

On the brighter side, everything you do in your garden this season is worth it. Especially when summer comes, and you see the fruits of your labour. Take a look at these ideas for your spring garden.

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Regular pruning is essential to keep plants healthy and encourage new growth. This has to be done especially on plants that got damaged last winter. However, not all plants are created equal, and not all gardeners know when and how to prune — these are just two of the most common gardening mistakes.

Before you start, you need to have the tools to do the job right. These tools are hand pruners, loppers, shearers, and saws. It’s also a must that you keep them clean and sharp otherwise; they might do your plants more harm than good.

Now that you have the tools you need, it’s time to start pruning. A general rule of thumb is to prune flowering trees and shrubs in their dormant season (summer or early spring). Spring flowers and shrubs, on the other hand, should be pruned after their flowers fade.

Most fruiting plants also need to be pruned in their dormant season. Be extremely careful in doing this because typically, you only get one chance to set buds for next season’s crop.

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Don’t forget your trees

Spring is the time to check on the health of your trees especially after going through the harsh winter. If you see that a tree or a part of it is not coming into the leaf, it’s possible that this tree is dead. Tree brackets and other types of fungus are commonly seen during this time of the year as well. Make sure to treat your trees at the earliest signs of infections.

At the same time, make sure that you don’t over-prune them which is also one of the common mistakes when taking care of trees. Otherwise, you’re putting them at risk of becoming infected or worse, dying.

But, don’t let this stop you from doing what you’re supposed to. Pruning is essential to keeping your trees healthy. As much as over-pruning is bad, so is not pruning enough. Dead tree branches that are not pruned or pruned enough are even potential hazards as they can fall on people.

Since this season is when you need to do a lot of work, be cautious in using gardening equipment in your garden, you’re better off consulting with a professional like Bushor’s Tree Surgeons a certified arborist jacksonville fl, or similar in your area. Lawnmowers and strimmers can harm trees, especially when used near tree roots carelessly. All it takes is a small nick in a tree trunk for a fungus to enter it and cause havoc.

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Give life back to your soil

Your soil may have lost many nutrients needed by your plants over the winter. It’s worth considering having a sample of it analysed in a laboratory to check its fertility. This has to be done especially if you have had problems with your plants or are suspecting nutrient deficiency.

Another thing to note is that there are different soil types for different plants. Some plants thrive well in sandy soil, some in chalky soil, some in silty soil, and the list goes on. As such, preparing your soil for spring is one way to ensure that your plants will get the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

Improve drainage and aeration in your soil by adding deep holes with a garden fork every 10 centimetres or so. This is also the perfect time to get your lawnmower out and give your grass the first cut of the season. Things should go smoothly provided that you had the mower serviced last winter.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with so much garden work, you can consider switching to artificial grass for a lawnmower/weed-free lawn. Synthetic grass is an all-weather, easy-to-maintain replacement for real grass.

Raised beds for spring

Raised beds are perfect for spring especially if you plan to grow vegetables in them. Your veggies will love the deep and nutritious soil-raised beds to offer, minus the risk of getting them walked on or compacted. Eliminating traffic on your soil through raised garden beds means that your plants can absorb the minerals they need coming from the oxygenated soil.

Another benefit of raised bed gardening is that they’re so easy to maintain. They also get warm quicker than the surrounding soil due to their ‘raised’ design. What this means is that any plant you choose to sow in these beds will have a headstart as far as growth is concerned.

These things come in some sizes, shapes, and designs. Raised beds are not only veggie-friendly but can also be used for different plants. If you’ve been thinking about doing it, but you don’t know where to start, check out these raised bed ideas that will surely help you out.  

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Build a log cabin

A log cabin is a dwelling that’s constructed from logs, hence the name. It’s been around since ancient civilisation and was usually associated with the first-generation home building by early settlers.

Although they may look plain and unsophisticated, log cabins are an excellent addition to your spring garden. Provided that you have the extra space in your garden or are willing to make one, a log cabin can serve many different purposes.

Without a doubt, a log cabin will enhance the aesthetic value of your garden. But aside from that, a log cabin can also be an extension of your home. You can use it as your home gym, office, gaming area, home spa, studio, and so much more! You can even use it as your getaway place whenever you’re stressed out.

Building a log cabin can be a DIY project. However, it’s not as simple as putting together logs, and you’re done. It takes careful planning and all the necessary resources to build one. If you don’t think you’re up to the challenge, don’t fret as you can always get them premade and delivered to your doorstep. They’re a bit expensive though so keep that in mind.

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And that sums up this guide for a spring garden. Naturally, the above ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other things that you need to do in your garden this season. Don’t be afraid to fail and make mistakes in your garden since everyone has been there including the most seasoned of gardeners.