Moving house is one of the most daunting periods of anyone’s life, with research indicating that it is more stressful than divorce. Even if you have hired a team of specialists like Atlanta Home Movers, LLC to help you, packing up a whole house full of memories and possessions can feel like an overwhelming task – especially when it needs to be done quickly. If you are planning a house move and are stuck on how to tackle the mammoth task, self-storage providers My Secure Self Store has compiled some top tips on how to pack your home safely ready for a house move.

How to properly pack for a house move

Use the time to declutter

Family accumulate a lot of clutter over time, especially as children grow up and move out. Moving to a new property is the perfect time to sort through and decide what you want to keep, and what is long overdue being thrown out. It can be difficult to part with items, especially ones that have sentimental value, but using the logical method of deciding if it has a place in your new property should make it easier to decide if you are going to pack it or get rid of it. Always check the recycling rules for your local council, and make sure that electronics are disposed of properly.

Prep materials

The last thing you want is breakages or important items smashing in transit, so invest in bubble wrap, packing paper and packing tape, as well as sturdy cardboard boxes. If you are looking for a low-cost option, many supermarkets offer used boxes for free, but always check for tears or rips to make sure it is sturdy enough to carry the load. Another handy tip is to use scrunched up newspapers to help pack out empty spaces in boxes to stop smaller items moving around too much. Specialist wardrobes boxes will save you the hassle of taking items off the hangers, and items can seamlessly be transferred once you get to your destination.

Store larger pieces

Storing larger items such as sofas and dining tables will help relieve the stress on the big day, as you will be able to focus on preparing the smaller and delicate items safely and securely. Using a self-storage provider is also a good idea if there are delays in the move and you need to move into rented or temporary accommodation, as it saves the headache of moving furniture and possessions multiple times.

In order to help take away the stress of the move, My Secure Self Store are offering all new customers up to 50% discount for the first three months to allow them to safely store excess furniture and equipment.

Tackle one room at a time

Starting the packing process is one of the most daunting aspects, so making a plan and separating the job into one room at a time will make it a much more achievable task. Start at the top of the house and set yourself a time limit to get the room fully packed up. Having a target will stop you procrastinating and getting distracted. Using this method will also help you when it comes to unpacking into your new home, as each room will have its own dedicated boxes (make sure to label them up properly!).

Balance out the weight

It can be easy to just grab the nearest box to you when it comes to packing, but make sure the weights are manageable for you and the moving company. Use smaller boxes for heavier items, as this will help you not overpack and the item easier to lift, and larger boxes can be used for lighter bulkier items. When it comes to any lifting, bend your knees and squat down to pick up the load, rather than bending forward – even lifting the lightest box incorrectly can potentially cause damage to your back.

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