Top-Ten ways to design your own sofa online

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It’s your sofa and it’s going to be one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll ever own. It will form the centerpiece of your lounge and be as important as any member of your family.

Choosing the wrong sofa can be catastrophic. You might never find that comfortable sweet spot that feels specifically made for you and watching TV will just never be the same.

To combat this, many online furniture retailers now provide modular options to ensure customers get it right first time and every time. Modular options can include choice over everything including: styles, fabrics, legs, backs, arm heights and seat cushions.

After all, you really don’t want to end up with the same boring, mass-produced stuff that your friends and neighbours have.

So, where should you look?

1.       Ikea

The king of flat-pack offers five modular ranges to choose from and 17 fabric choices so you can pick and mix pieces to best suit your living space. Don’t want to wait for delivery or assemble it yourself? You can also get your sofa off the shelf in store, if it’s in stock, or use its assembly service.


Sofa Online

2.       John Lewis

This bastion of department store reliability offers sofas that while not modular, come in a whopping array of options. With 50 sofa shapes and sizes, three leg finishes and over 400 fabrics to choose from, there’s more than enough to keep you busy.

sofa online

3.       The English Sofa Company

With 30 different designs, some of which are modular, and over 200 fabric choices, this is an alternative to the high street worthy of consideration.

sofa online

4.       Nabru

Specializing in modular sofas that they guarantee to fit any awkward space (as well as regular ones), this online firm certainly lives up to its name (urban spelt backwards, get it?). From its London-based factory and showroom they produce self-assembly sofas in over 20 styles and 80 fabrics, all of which you can play around with on its sofa-building tool, to generate a 360-degree view of what your sofa will look like.

sofa online

5.       Darlings of Chelsea

The posh one. Its modular offering, available in 80 fabulous fabrics, is a popular option for the best cinema rooms in the land.

Sofa Online

6.       Next

Suburban favourite Next offers more than 15 different styles of sofa, three of which are modular, in over 50 different fabrics.

sofa online

7.       Homebase

Homebase offers a ‘Made for You’ service by Schreiber. The sofas are not modular but they offer eight different styles, in 28 fabrics and two leg finishes.

sofa online

8.       Habitat

It might be owned by Argos now but it still delivers the clean, modern design aesthetic that made it a worldwide success, and its modular sofa options are no exception. Available in over ten styles and a range of fabrics.

sofa online

9.       Lee Longlands

Lee Longlands offer stylish sofas in more than 20 styles and over 100 fabrics. The sofas are not modular but the designs and colours are different enough to stand out.

sofa online

10.       Sofa Sofa

It regards itself as the largest direct sales sofa company in the UK and there is, indeed, a respectable amount of seating to browse on its website. Its modular options are available in four styles and up to 12 fabrics.

sofa online

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