It’s that time of year when we feel compelled to clean the house from top to bottom, throw away unused clothes and toys and re-organise the cupboards. The checklist for doing a thorough spring clean is endless.  Whilst the notion of spring cleaning applies mainly to the interior of the house, it is important to get outside too, and make sure every corner of your home is in tip-top shape before summer arrives.

0800 HANDYMAN, one of the largest professional handyman services in London provides its checklist of spring checks to tackle in the coming days and weeks. Spring is a good time to address any exterior problems now before they get any worse.

Brian Burton, General Manager of 0800 HANDYMAN comments: “Spring is notoriously a busy time for us. The winter months can really take their toll on a property and it often needs a bit of TLC at this time of the year.  Our 0800 HANDYMEN get a lot of calls out for painting jobs, fixing leaky taps and sprucing up patio decking.”

It’s good to do a walk-around of your property. Winter is tough on roofs and chimneys and it can also take its toll on windows, walls, foundations, gutters and decks.

Roof. You don’t need to climb up there yourself but with a pair of binoculars, you can probably spot trouble and any loose or missing roof tiles.  This will need to be addressed to keep your roof at peak performance.

Foundations. When inspecting the exterior of your home, be sure to examine the foundation from top to bottom for any masonry cracks.

Windows. Leakage around windows will admit warm summer air and let cooled indoor air escape, so be sure to check that any caulking and weather stripping you have in place has remained intact. If you have experienced condensation inside the glass on double glazed windows during the winter months, the weather seal has been compromised, and either the glass or the window will need to be replaced. It’s also worth spring cleaning your windows—inside and out.

Decking repair and treatment. With the arrival of warm weather comes the return of outdoor parties and lounging on the deck.  The dampness and continual pounding the deck can take from the elements of winter will leave patches of rot and grime.  To instil some new life in the wood, look into one of the wood brightening products which utilize oxalic acid.  Solutions made with this chemical have been proven to rejuvenate wood – something any house could use as spring hits its stride and time spent outdoors increases

Basements. The basement is prone to dampness, insects and rodents and must therefore be part of any thorough seasonal maintenance effort. Dampness suggests higher than normal relative humidity, inadequate ventilation and the need for a dehumidifier.

Leaks. Spring is a good time to check for leaky taps, clogged drains and sweaty pipes. Check under the kitchen and bathroom sink to make sure connections on pipes and hoses are properly sealed, and look for any wetness around the dishwasher that could signal an existing or potential problem. The same is true of a utility room; check washer machine hoses for cracks, bulges or dampness. The same is true for hot water heaters, which may show sign of corrosion and leaks.