When you are looking for ideas and inspiration for freshening the look of your home, it can be hard to come up with something new and original. There are so many great looks that you can use, that sometimes you feel like you are missing an opportunity to flex your own creative muscles. Every home is different though, and even if you see something in a photo to use in your own house, it will be unique to you. Your tastes and preferences are evident in every room, but those ideas only exist collectively in your home.

There are some lovely new ideas out for this season. The country look is definitely back, and simple whites and pastels are key to creating it. Pick woods with texture and grain to reflect and shadow natural light. Use some white louvered doors on the inside, and louvered shutters on the outside to set a theme. You can then paint them as the trends change each season. Like grooved radiators, they create marvellous shading from any light source to add depth to your room and colour palette.

Country Style

Sourced from Flickr


Flowers are also making their way back into the country look, but more and more people are looking for the real thing. To be cost effective, you may need to grow them in your own garden, pots or window box. You can then cut them for authentic displays and bouquets. Interior design is so important to accurately reflect your own character and personality. Of course, we want to keep it fresh and up to date, without having to have a personality transplant! Changing the theme doesn’t detract from the main character of the room. It’s just like wearing a different outfit.


Natural materials like wood and flowers can be enhanced with flowing fabrics. Make sure these fabrics are textured. They ought to be tactile like lace, wool and crochet work. Combine all these natural feels and flavours will plain, simple pastel walls and hardwood flooring to complete your look for this season. Louvered cupboard doors can look especially good painted a very pale blue to complement the whites and other pastels in the room. As the seasons change, you can warm this colour up with yellows and pinks.


Finally, see if you can replace door knobs and door handles. Ornate iron door handles look gorgeous in this season’s natural theme. They add something aged, chunky and substantial to an otherwise delicate setting. Cupboard door knobs can be simple, plain pine ones that are round and robust. You can then paint them to taste or match to the rest of the cupboard. Chrome fittings aren’t going to work this season, but save them for another time.


However you choose to decorate your rooms this season, natural looks and country trends are here to stay for the rest of the year. Dry out the flowers you use before they perish so they can be used in other displays to enhance the look. Incorporate lavender when you can, to bring a beautiful relaxing scent into your home and woods.