Everyone has a room in their house that’s darker than they want it to be. Even if it’s only at certain times of the day, it’s very frustrating when you can’t get enough light, especially if it’s a room you use a lot. Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do. You turn a light on, and it barely seems to reach the four walls, let alone get into every corner. No one should have to sit in the dark when there are intelligent ways to brighten up a room. Instead of putting up with a dull and depressing space, try some of these lighting tricks to bring some light into your life.

Use Table Lamps Instead of Overheads

If you have one overhead light and even the brightest bulb doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, try some lamps instead. Place standing and table lamps in different areas of the room to help you get into every corner. They add a bonus in that they enhance your interior design, so if you love lamps you can use a few more than you might usually. Just be careful about using too many that clash with each other and make sure they’re creating light and not shadows. You can use bulbs with different wattages, so they’re not too bright or too dim.

Switch to Bright LEDs

More households are changing their bulbs to LED. They’re more energy-efficient, which saves you money, and you can get very bright ones that light up the room. If you don’t need the room to be bright all the time, install a dimmer switch. You can get dimmable bulbs like the ones available from LED Planet and adjust the lighting throughout the day to suit the level you need. If one central light isn’t enough, try a strip of lights that will spread their glow further into the room.

Dingy Room 

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Make the Most of Natural Light

Natural light isn’t much use at night, except perhaps from the moon, but you should use it to its full potential during the day. If you’re worried about privacy, try using net curtains or another sheer material so you can let the sunlight in while keeping nosy parkers out. Pull heavy curtains away from windows when you have them drawn back so they don’t block the sun.

Add Some Mirrors

Whether you’re using natural or artificial light, mirrors can help to enhance the effect. They can work especially well opposite a window during the day. Mirrors will reflect the light that you have, creating a better effect without having to add any more lamps or overhead lighting.

Avoid Dark Colours

A bright room isn’t just about the bulbs you use. The colours you choose to use in your decor can also have an impact on the darkness of the room. Try to stick with neutral or brighter hues to avoid emphasising the dark space.

It doesn’t take much to bring a dingy and dark room back into the light. You just have to make a few small changes, and improve on what you already have.