Have you ever been in the unfortunate position where you have guests invited for an impromptu BBQ and a quick look outside reveals the garden is a wasteland infested with weeds? Yes, it happens to all of us. Summer is great, but not when your garden is ten-feet high in weeds. Obviously, there is a limit to what you can do in a day, but there are some relatively quick and easy ways to make a garden look better in a hurry.

Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Look Pretty

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Tidy Up

Your garden will never look good if it’s a mass of weeds. Some weeds are actually rather pretty, but the majority are not. Feel free to ignore a few thistles in flower, as they attract butterflies, but if you are faced with a sea of dandelions, it’s time to get the strimmer out.

Cut the lawn and use an edging tool. You will be amazed at how much better your garden looks once you have done this. If you have more time and you hate gardening, consider replacing your lawn with timber decking or paving. Infinite has a large selection of different paving stones and it’s really not that difficult to lay a patio in a weekend.

Add Colour

The fastest way to improve a garden is to add colour. Bedding plants are cheap and cheerful. You can pick up trays of colourful begonias, pansies, marigolds and fuchsias from any supermarket or garden centre. Plants them in clumps, water well, and enjoy a riot of colour for a few months.

Bedding plants are also a good choice for containers and hanging baskets, but you will need to water them every day during hot, dry weather, or they will die very quickly.

Paint Effects

Do you have an unsightly wall or fence? If so, give it a lick of paint. Wood treatment products are available in a range of cool colours, so don’t assume you are stuck with mahogany or antique pine. Instead, paint your fence in pale blue or lilac. It will look pretty and make a colourful backdrop to your plants. Use leftover household paint on your wall. Paint a rainbow of colour or have fun creating a mural. You could even let the kids get involved!

Outdoor Furniture

Give your outdoor furniture a quick makeover with some funky cushions and seat covers. Green and brown may be tasteful, but they lack personality. Try some bright floral patterns instead, or go for hot, tropical reds, oranges, and pinks. If you have wooden garden furniture, brighten it up with some coloured wood treatment.

Coloured Garden Lighting

Make the most of your outdoor space in warm weather. Add some colourful garden lights to illuminate the garden when the sun goes down. Nobody will see the weeds when it gets dark, but they will appreciate some pretty pink fairy lights or dazzling blue spot lights. Have fun with your lighting and use solar powered lights for areas away from the house.

You don’t need to spend a fortune making your garden look pretty. The ideas above are cheap and cheerful, so have a go this weekend!