The steel window has been around for ages, and steel has always been a material known for its strength and hardiness as well as integrity. Steel doors and windows are greatly preferred by a lot of property owners for all of these characteristics and combined with this, steel windows are also very appealing and have their own distinct look. If you have a historical piece of property, your steel windows certainly add to your structure’s design and overall façade. If you have a newly built property, steel windows can lend their own charm as well. But what is it about steel windows that make it a premium choice, from then until now? Here’s an in-depth look at the real advantages of steel windows for your structure.

An In-Depth Look at the Real Advantages of Steel Windows for Your Structure

Their strength

It’s all too true that steel is known for its strength and toughness, and it is stronger when compared to other materials out there like PVC, wood, or aluminium. This particular advantage allows you to use steel windows in different ways and with different styles and designs, from big picture windows to smaller windows with various openings that still retain that unique narrow sightline associated with steel windows. The hardware you install on your steel windows cannot be easily warped or pulled out, and the ventilators will not crack or distort, either.

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Perfect for historic buildings

Since steel windows are flexible in design and are exceptionally durable, they are perfect for a renovation or restoration project for older, historic buildings, as confirmed by experts in metal window restoration and Crittall windows in the UK. You can replace your original, older steel windows with units that historically match, and you can do this whilst benefitting from state-of-the-art and highly advanced finishing treatments. The new steel windows replacing your old ones can also be weather-stripped and glazed with high-performance glass, and you can choose from various muntin styles.  If you have wooden windows on your property, you can easily replace them with steel to enhance durability and the sightline. You can have your steel windows designed to look like wood whilst providing your structure with more integrity.

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The best factory finish

There are now more advanced pre-treatment methods and processes involving top coating that allow manufacturers to create more steadfast and beautiful steel windows. And not only do these windows look great – they don’t require much maintenance, either. You can take advantage of various factory-applied finishes that can also inhibit corrosion, which includes galvanizing, powder coating, and more.

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Fire-rated designs

More manufacturers are now offering fire-rated designs, and the ratings often come with labels from laboratories specifying their effectiveness.

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A broader range of hardware

When it comes to hardware, your options are not limited if you opt for steel windows. Your steel windows should be able to accept various styles and types of hardware available. For example, many manufacturers can make use of a seemingly endless range of operators, handles, closing devices, and more. Additionally, you can have exact replacements for steel windows that are already 5 decades old (and more). Equally important is the fact that any hardware you install onto your steel windows will not likely loosen, tear out, or become damaged just because of heavy or extensive use.

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