It’s one of the best parts of your home that welcomes your guests as they arrive at your doorstep. Passersby and neighbours get a glimpse of your personality through it. Well, it’s actually one of the ways they judge what the homeowner’s like.

For you, it is one of your favourite spots around the house as you can spend late afternoons sitting there, enjoying a cup of tea, and admiring your fresh garden blooms in the summer. It’s where you throw most of your chill parties in the weekend. How you love the fresh breeze moving about in that area.

You would agree—what would you do without your beautiful, spacious deck? It’s one of the loveliest parts that give your house that homey, welcoming feel. It’s very versatile as it encourages you for either some alone time or socializing with other family members and friends.

Because it serves many purposes, you really need to keep your deck damage-free and beautiful. However, many homeowners would often overlook this part of their home since it’s almost an outdoor area.

Most of us would rather focus on taking care of the interiors, most especially the bedrooms, bathroom, or the kitchen. Experts say though that you should give your deck the same level of care that you give your kitchen floor since it’s often exposed to harsh conditions such as inconsistent weather, heavy traffic, pests and more.

Deck Damage-free

So, what should you do to make sure you’re giving the utmost care that your deck deserves?

  1. Give it a thorough routine inspection.

As mentioned, harsh conditions are inevitable. Heavy rains and sudden abundant sunshine can easily take a toll on wood. Moisture can build up on cracks and crevices which can surely attract termites that would love to feast on your deck. The next thing you know, it’s dilapidated.

Add to that the growth of mould, mildew and fungi. Not only are these things unsightly, but they also contribute to damage as well. In addition, long-term exposure to these can cause health problems for some people.

This is why it is important to schedule a thorough routine inspection of your deck. When you do so, you can check if there’s any damage or even prevent it. Check if there’s a loose nail that needs some hammering done. Remove fallen leaves and other debris that might clog moisture inside cracks and crevices. Check out this article to learn other tips on how to protect your deck.

  1. Do necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Whenever you do your routine inspection, always jot down what needs to be done in a list. Write even the littlest issue that you notice. It does matter. Remember that the slightest damage can grow into a bigger problem if you don’t do preventive measures the earliest possible after noticing it.

It’s really worth it to devote some time doing repairs on your deck. In fact, when you do it regularly, your checklist won’t be too long and too intimidating to tackle.

  1. Make sure you do a thorough cleaning and washing the right way.

This should be specially done during your major spring and fall cleanings. Get the right tools and know how to use them properly. Wood is a durable material but it can be easily damaged when you don’t know how to care for it. Always keep a stiff brush, stain remover, deck wash, sandpaper and sander handy. You will need them to get rid of unwanted debris such as fallen leaves stuck in between the deck boards.

If you decide however to use a pressure washer to make thorough cleaning easier and faster, it’s better to hire a professional who specializes in this. Using a pressure washer without proper skills and knowledge on how to use it may damage your deck rather than beautify it. You wouldn’t want that to happen. So, either you do your research and practice or hire a professional who knows how to use pressure washer the right way.

Deck Damage-free

  1. Keep it sealed.

One of the ways you can keep your deck durable and looking as good as new is to use the right kind of sealer. Sealers come in many forms. They are named in various ways. For example, some are known as stains, wood treatment, deck finish and sealers themselves.

It can be difficult to choose what’s good for you. But you should definitely go for something that’s water-repellent, mildew-resistant, non-toxic, and provides protection against UV rays. If you’re not quite sure which to choose, read deck sealer reviews at It will surely give you valuable tips.

  1. Give it some love by putting together the right furniture and décor pieces.

What better way is there to beautify your deck than to embellish it with comfortable and stylish furniture and interesting décor pieces? It’s one of the best places around the house to lounge with your loved ones and friends. So, make sure you choose the comfiest furniture. Put together a couple of throw pillows with fun patterns and prints.

Plant some herbs and spices and place them on the deck for easy access when you need fresh food garnish and additional flavours in your drinks. Flowering plants such as hydrangeas would be a great idea to keep your deck blooming with beauty and colour every spring and summer.

How about you? Do you have other tips in mind on how to keep your deck damage-free and beautiful? We’d love to know additional advice.