Home décor is an essential part of creating the home of your dreams. Each element works distinctly in constructing a unique space that defines your thoughts and taste. Right from a simple vase of flowers to the types of art you invest in, they define you. Among these many types of home décor elements, rugs are a popular choice for people across the globe. They speak with a huge degree of creativity and come in various sizes to help you decorate in various manners.

Today, you can find rugs in multiple designs, colours and shapes. However, among the many types of rugs that you can find, oriental rugs have become increasingly popular. They are loved by all because they add up to the characters that elegantly transform any room. The intricate details on the heavy textile make them ideal to be placed on the floor as well as a wall hanging, depending upon the size. But how do you succeed in finding an authentic oriental rug?

6 Simple Tricks for Successfully Buying Authentic Oriental Rugs

To help you find the right Oriental rug the next time you go shopping, check out the points mentioned below:

The use of fabric for this type of rug is not usually mixed. An authentic rug is mostly the 100% wool named “Kurk” and is pretty expensive than the other forms of the same. The reason behind its high price is that the wool is obtained from the neck and underarms of young lambs.

The origin of the artistic product is known to be Japan. Hence, you should be able to identify the authenticity of the product in the market by looking for arts that describe this “Land of the Rising Sun”.

The rugs are thick in size and come with rich yarn content.

When you run your fingers on the product, it should be smooth, soft and plush. If the quality of the wool is brittle and harsh, it simply means that the quality of the wool is poor and will wear out easily.

The colours of the product should be consistent. You can give a close look at the different colours that meet with each other in the rug designs to check if there is any blending. Additionally, you can use a small piece of damp cloth and rub it on the surface to check if the colour is running or not.

Check the knot count of the rugs in order to determine the quality. The higher the knot count, the more expensive will it be because of the additional hours taken to weave the product. Also, the more the knot count, the more detailed will the rug be.

There are multiple platforms today selling these beautiful rugs at different prices. Hence, it is extremely important that you check the indulgence of the company in the market to learn the quality they may offer. You can check the various reviews of customers for a better understanding. An Oriental rug is a traditional form of flooring home décor. Therefore, good research of the products is of utmost importance to invest in the authentic pieces and make them worth your money.

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