A conservatory is a big addition to any house. It requires a good deal of planning and consideration. Still, many think the value it adds, in life as well as financially, far outweighs the effort to install one. It adds a lot of natural light to any room and is another way of adding your own individual style to the house. So to help you get that conservatory that will make your home all the nicer, we’ve compiled a few things you should consider.

Five Top Tips For Building Conservatory

What kind of conservatory do you want?

There are all sorts of different options when it comes to your new conservatory. Many choose to follow the traditional style whereas others want to go much more contemporary. Some prefer to go for the Orangery style and make it much more like an extension. You need to decide for what purpose you’re adding the conservatory and find out which fits that need the most. This site can help you do just that.

Do you have permission to add it?

The good news is that the answer to this question will most likely be a resounding yes. If you own your own property, there are very few cases in which you won’t be able to add the conservatory you want. If it’s more like an Orangery, you might need to make extra sure. Whatever your plans are, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The Planning Portal has all the information you need on conservatories and planning permission.

The Many Uses Of A Conservatory Or Orangery
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What direction will it face?

Most conservatories are added to the back of a house without much thought for what direction they’re facing. However, you’ll have a much better idea of what the end result will look like if you think about this aspect. This guide has a good summary of the lighting each direction can add to your conservatory. Of course, regardless of what you decide in the end, we have plenty of ideas for adding more light.

What type of window you will need?

There are all kinds of glass, plain and art, that you can get to decorate your conservatory as you, please. Given the amount of wall space you’re opening, however, we recommend double glazing above all else. It might cost a bit more, but the added strength to your windows as well as the savings you’ll make in energy thanks to it will more than makeup for it.

Turn Your Conservatory into an Enjoyable Space for All Seasons
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Keeping it heated

Even though double glazing will go a long way to counteract the loss of heat through your conservatory, it might not be enough by itself. There has been many a complaint of a cold conservatory, but you don’t have to be one of that camp. With the right choices in heating, you can keep your conservatory as cosy a part of your home as the rest of it.

Hopefully, this guide has made the choice of fitting a conservatory a much less daunting one. These additions to the house are always top on the list of how to add financial value to your home. More than that, they let in lots of natural light and give you a good view outside so we recommend them to any homeowner who can get one.

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