As our families grow, our homes seem to shrink. There seems to be less and less space to enjoy when there are more bodies in the house. Even though there may be enough bedrooms, sometimes you could do with a little more living space to fit everyone in comfortably. Add a houseful of guests, and you may well be struggling for space to entertain.

When our families grow, we also tend to accumulate more belongings. Lots of it gets stored in the basement, garage, and even the dining room. These are valuable spaces that are better suited to accommodating people rather than junk. Be strict with yourself and have a major clear out. Your loft could be the ideal place to store those things that are occasionally useful.

Living Space

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Extending your house might seem like a major upheaval, but it’s easier to do these days. It can even increase the value of your home. Planning permission isn’t usually required if you are creating more living space. You can usually attach a ground floor extension to the back of your property so long as it doesn’t exceed a third of your current footprint. However, you will still need your builder to have a sign-off with the Building Regulations team at your local council.

Extending isn’t the same as adding a conservatory. A conservatory is an exterior room, rather than one that is a part of your interior. This means that you cannot remove your back door. Conservatories are ideal for that extra space near the garden. They can be ideal for dining rooms, or as an extra seating area. They are not heated by your home’s central heating system, though. Portable electric heaters are usually best.

For a conservatory style extension, why not add an Orangery to your home? These are formal extensions that feature a beautiful glass roof. This allows maximum light in, and the best views onto your garden. Best of all, they can be connected seamlessly to the rest of the house. You can install radiators, and build the floor to the same level as the attached room. It can offer the ideal extra living space you are looking for.

Sometimes it can be a good idea to open up your living areas. An open plan design helps make the home feel bigger and airier. It helps the flow of the house too. Best of all, you can keep an eye on the kids while you’re busy in the kitchen. Or you can continue conversations with your dinner party guests while you are preparing the next course. Open plan designs allow you to borrow space from one room to allocate it to another area too.

Converting space that is currently not usable is another way to create the extra living space that you need. Basements can be tanked to offer you the space to install a utility or even a games room. How about a cinema room? And garages can be converted to provide an extension to the kitchen, or a new formal dining room. How will you create extra living space in your home?