The kitchen plays a central role in most houses and is one of the most popular rooms for remodelling projects. Remodelling your kitchen could significantly improve your quality of life and the value of your home, but it has to be done correctly first. Many people start remodelling projects with a very vague idea in mind or go based on some images they have seen online. However, every kitchen and house is built differently, so you can’t pick some design you saw on Pinterest and assume that you can transpose it to your kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest mistakes people make when remodelling the kitchen.

3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Remodel their Kitchen

Trying to Do Too Much Themselves

One of the worst mistakes you could make is assuming that you can handle a full remodel yourself. Kitchen renovations demand a lot of expertise, and unless you have advanced DIY skills, we wouldn’t advise that you even do something as seemingly simple as repainting the cabinets on your own. First of all, you cannot just pick up some brushes and rollers and start painting your cabinets. You’ll have to degrease and strip them first, sand them, and prime them correctly. Then, you will have to repaint them using a paint gun. Painting with a paint gun demands a lot of skill, and this is not something you can expect to learn overnight, so think twice before undertaking this kind of project.

Tips for Remodelling Your Kitchen
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Not Choosing the Right Materials

Another mistake a lot of people make when remodelling their kitchen is choosing the wrong materials, especially when it comes to things like worktops. If you want to add value and get a positive return on investment, you need to think twice about going for expensive options like quartz or soapstone, for instance. Your goal should be to look for something that will be aesthetically pleasing and durable while still being affordable.

This is why we suggest that you look at composite materials. Cultured marble and granite are both great options if you want the look of these materials for a fraction of the price. Other nice-looking and affordable materials include bamboo, butcher block, and wood. If you live in Derbyshire, it helps to work with a kitchen worktops Derbyshire supplier that has a wide selection of products. This way, they won’t pressure you into picking a very specific type of material that benefits them.

Getting It Right - 4 Dos and Donts When Remodeling Your Kitchen
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Getting too Big of an Island

Some people assume that they need a big kitchen island for the design to work, but that’s not the case. An island could actually end up hindering your workflow. If you want to use the kitchen mainly to cook, then you need to have easy access to the fridge, stove and sink and the island can’t get in the way. If you want to use the kitchen as a meeting space for your family, then you can look at islands, but don’t let them take too much space. You should also consider floating islands as they will give you more versatility.

Island Style
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If you want your kitchen remodelling project to go as smoothly as possible and be satisfied with the final results, follow our few tips. Also, take the time to find reliable suppliers and work with a contractor that you can trust.