Remodelling your kitchen every now and then does have its perks: a new look, hygiene improvement, increases safety and comfort, and even increases the value of the home.

Every cook has a dream kitchen in mind—especially when they go through their kitchen and see how overstuffed it is. But when the time comes for remodelling to be done, it may seem like a herculean task.

Brand names like Beyond The Horizon Construction Inc handle these kinds of job, but there are do’s and don’ts you should adhere to when remodelling.

Getting It Right - 4 Dos and Donts When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Do consider the purpose of the space.

Are you considering moving the dining table to the kitchen? Are you planning to host dinner parties in the future and may need enough space to prepare? Is the activity level in the kitchen on the high side? Do you need to install some new appliances? Then you need to put these things under consideration in your design plan.

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Do consider lighting.

Lighting is very important when remodelling your kitchen. Consider where you want the lights to be placed before you begin remodelling. You don’t want to be squinting for more light when you’re cooking. You can incorporate natural light by creating a window, and improve the kitchen ambience with mood lightings.

Increase your budget.

After putting into consideration the cost to make your dream kitchen come alive, you should hike the budget that will make that happen. It is recommended that you add an additional 10-20% to the original budget to cover an unforeseen cost you may incur like plumbing leaks or even mould infestation during the remodelling phase.

Do design a wastebasket cabinet.

If you’re redesigning your kitchen from scratch, you should include a pull-out cabinet for your trash can. But in the case of light remodelling, consider installing a siding track in a low cabinet to create a pull-out trash can.

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Don’t forget about storage.

As earlier discussed, the kitchen can be overstuffed. Hence, when designing, take inventory of your kitchen stuff and take note of the items you use on special events. Then, think about where and how you want to store these items.

Don’t position the fridge close to a wall.

A lot of people make this unfortunate mistake. When remodelling, ensure your fridge is considerably distanced from any surrounding wall—this is to ensure that the door of the fridge swings properly and completely when it is opened.

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Don’t keep your trash can far away from the sink.

The sink and the wastebasket should not be far apart. It is highly recommended that you design a cabinet under the sink to store the trash can.

Don’t rush through the design phase.

Take your time to visualize and move through your dream kitchen, noting where you want each component to be placed, before giving the green light to the interior decorators. This guarantees less change to be done during the planning phase, incurring more cost.

Interior remodelling can be difficult, especially when it has to do with the kitchen. But with these tips to guide you, remodelling your dream kitchen will become a dream come true.