The patio should be a place to entertain guests, relax in the evening, or to sit while the kids play outside. However, if the patio isn’t in great shape, it isn’t going to be used to its full potential. Homeowners who want to make sure a home’s patio is a place they’ll love should keep the following tips in mind.

Keep It Clean

Regularly cleaning the patio means everything stays in good shape for longer and ensures the patio is ready to be used at any time. Sweep the patio regularly to remove any dirt that may have accumulated and wash patio furniture as needed. At least once a year, look into pressure washing the patio. Check out the pressure washing available here to get more information on how to have a professional handle the pressure washing so the patio looks new again.

Tilt Patio Furniture to Remove Water

Water sitting on the patio furniture can cause damage over time and can mean the colours fade fast. Water is incredibly damaging to furniture even if the furniture is meant to be used outside and designed to last as long as possible. It simply won’t last as long as it could if it has water sitting on it every time it rains.  Instead, tilt all of the furniture when it’s not in use so, even if it does rain, all of the water will run off quickly.

Keep the Umbrella Closed

A patio umbrella provides a lot of shade so the patio can be used even during the hottest days of the summer. However, it can get dirty quickly. Dirt can blow onto it when it’s windy outside, rain can damage the umbrella fabric, sunlight can cause the colours to fade, and other damage can occur just because the umbrella is left open all of the time. Instead, keep the umbrella closed to protect it as much as possible and only open it when the patio is going to be used.

Store Patio Cushions Between Use

The most comfortable patio furniture usually includes removable cushions. Being removable makes the cushions easier to clean, but that’s not the only benefit. When the patio isn’t being used, go ahead and store the cushions. A small storage cabinet near the patio makes this easy and fast. They’ll stay dry so they can be used even if it’s rained recently, and they’ll look new for a lot longer because they won’t fade due to the sun’s rays.

Remove Any Standing Water Quickly

Standing water can collect in many places on the patio, not just the furniture. Even if the furniture is tilted to avoid standing water, look around the patio after it rains and removes any standing water. Mosquitos use standing water to breed, so removing it quickly means the mosquitos can’t lay their eggs near the patio. This can help keep the patio free of pests so it can be used a lot more often.

If you want to keep your patio in great shape so you’ll be able to enjoy it more often, start using the tips here today. Make sure to have the patio properly cleaned by a professional to ensure it’s going to look fantastic for the rest of the summer and to get rid of any dirt or grime that may be damaging the patio. Then, keep everything stored properly and clean to ensure the patio is ready to be used whenever you want to sit outside and relax.