Tips for small kitchens

Image from Flickr

Getting home design right can be tricky at the best of times, but if your property is lacking in square footage, it’s especially difficult. For example, planning small kitchens can be a real headache. Luckily, help is at hand. If you’re keen to create an attractive and practical food preparation area and have limited space in which to achieve this, take a look at the following top tips.

Choose your appliances with care

There’s certainly no shortage of white goods to choose from these days, but it’s important that you’re careful when you’re making your selections. For example, rather than buying a full-size dishwasher, it may pay off to get a slimline version. These products can still wash an average of 90 to 100 items and they save you all-important floor and unit space.

Similarly, rather than investing in a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, you could opt for an appliance that performs both of these functions. It’s also worth thinking about getting a small fridge freezer. Alternatively, if this isn’t an option, you may want to place your fridge in a separate storage area near to your kitchen. This isn’t ideal, but it can save you all-important space.

Savvy storage solutions

Another way to cram more into your kitchen is to choose the right storage products. Make sure you take advantage of the vertical space on offer by investing in full-height cabinets and shelving. Also, well-designed corner units are a must when space is limited.

To give the illusion of greater space in your kitchen, it’s worth considering glass-fronted cabinets. This creates a more open feel. Bear in mind though, if you do opt to have the contents of your cabinets on display, you’ll need to keep them tidy at all times.

Let there be light

Effective lighting is a must in small kitchens too. After all, dark, dingy spaces can be depressing. If possible, make maximum use of any natural lighting by removing unnecessary window dressings. Also, good quality artificial lighting is key. There are many different products on offer. You can take your pick from ceiling spotlights, recessed lights, in-cabinet lights and more.

It’s amazing how much of a difference effective illuminations to make to the overall look and feel of kitchen areas.

Attention to detail

In small kitchens, attention to detail is crucial. For example, the addition of some well-placed wall art can help to bring the spaces to life. Also, extras like retro-style Gisela Graham chalkboards and ceramic tea, coffee and sugar containers look great in bijou kitchens. They add instant personality and flare. For an injection of colour and life, try to include some potted herbs. If you don’t have any room on your worktops, you can place these items on floating shelves.

OK, so designing a small kitchen is never going to be easy. However, by bearing design principles like these in mind, you should be able to achieve your goals and create a room that you can be truly proud of.