Depending on the size of your home, the possibilities with a conservatory or orangery really can be endless. Whether you want somewhere to relax on a lovely summer’s day, or something altogether grander, there are absolutely loads of different uses for one when it comes to the kind of room it’ll become. But what kind of stuff can you do in one? If you’ve seen the movie Stepbrothers, you’ll know that having room for ‘activities’ is super important!

The Many Uses Of A Conservatory Or Orangery


When it comes to relaxing, there often isn’t a designated room just for this. Sure, there’s the living room, but be honest – how many of the family arguments stem from such trivial matters as not being able to agree on what to watch? With some comfy seating and some mood lighting, a conservatory can provide the ultimate escape. The summer months soak up the heat wonderfully, too, so it’ll be your own personal place to soak up the rays of sunshine!

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This one’s pretty obvious, but there is an abundance of ways you can convert your extra living space into the ultimate host’s dream. Whether you want to crack out the board games or something altogether more modern, a gaming room can be an excellent addition to any home, for the little ones, or even the big kids! If you want games consoles, choosing furniture to match and provide comfort whilst lounging around all evening is obviously paramount. However, if you want to entertain in other ways, you can also install some super sweet home cinema equipment to keep everyone happy.

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Not to be confused with entertainment, there are absolutely loads of incredible leisure uses for your orangery. How about housing your new swimming pool? We’re being serious. You can even add a gym if you’re truly dedicated to the experience! There are some absolutely stunning examples of this done properly, and if you can afford it, it’s not only the ultimate activity for your family but also the ultimate selling point, too.

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The conservatory or orangery can make the perfect addition to any home when it comes to finally fulfilling the absence of that perfect dining space. There are some truly beautiful designs for this type of use, and it’ll be an ideal addition to the home when considering dinner parties and other such food-related activities.

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Definitely the least fun option on the list, but working in a beautifully renovated conservatory has its benefits compared to anywhere else, surely?! When you work in an environment that you feel at peace in, you’re more likely to be inspired to do more. So, have a look at the office furniture you can choose, and sit back and let the magic happen.

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