In homes across the land, box rooms generally sit in one of two states: they’re either tidy spaces that gather dust and musty smells while waiting for the occasional overnight guest or chaotic places filled with piles of miscellaneous ‘stuff’.

While it’s nice to have a space for guests or nik-naks, you could actually improve your lifestyle and increase the value of your property by turning that space into something useful.

5 Genius Ways to Turn Your Box Room Into Something Useful

Here are just 5 ideas for making your box room a space that improves everyday living:

Changing Room

Converting a box room into a walk-in wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to give underused space a practical purpose.

Whether it’s for one person or the whole family, a dedicated dressing room makes it possible to keep clothes, shoes and accessories in one place and perhaps more importantly, free up valuable space in bedrooms that is wasted on wardrobes, drawers and cupboards.

VIP Realty states, for the best results, invest in built-in storage units that allow you to make use of every available inch but when planning, remember to factor inadequate space for a lovely dressing table range, full-length mirror and ironing board so that the room is easy to use and keep organised.

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Why settle for working in a cold, damp shed that’s full of cobwebs when you can turn the spare room into a workshop? Whether you need the space for woodwork, crafts or any other sort of hobby, you can make the box room purposeful by simply adding shelves, storage and a sink.

Getting running water and disposal to a box room is easy with a domestic Saniflo macerator unit which offers a cheaper, quicker and less disruptive alternative to standard home renovations.

These compact units are exempt from any building regulations and relatively easy for anyone with sound DIY skills to install, so you could add a sink, shower, bath or kitchen anywhere in the home, although a qualified electrician will be needed to connect the unit to a power source.

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Small rooms make cosy rooms so make the most of that compact space and turn it into a peaceful little hideaway that gives you the opportunity to escape the family at large and take time out without going out.

All that’s required is some comfortable seating, maybe some books or CDs, a small sink, fridge and countertop area for making a soothing cuppa or rinsing out wine glasses and if you want it to remain a calm and quiet space, a lock for the door!

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Second Bathroom

If there are regular queues for the shower or loo in your household then the best use of your box room may well be a second bathroom. Apart from making family life more harmonious, This is Money reports that it could increase the value of your property by 6%.

Depending on the size of your box room and your needs, standard Sanivite macerators make it possible to install anything from a single toilet to a complete bathroom suite anywhere in the home, from the loft to the cellar.

Spend just a fraction more and invest in a Sanipro or Saniplus unit and you can create a deluxe walk-in wet room complete with a power shower that acts as a separate bathroom for everyone’s use, or an en-suite reserved for those in the master bedroom.

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Utility Room

Any ground floor box room or space that’s bigger than a washing machine can be turned into a place for utilities which in turn, frees up space in the kitchen for extra cupboards, worktops and dining furniture.

A Sanivite kitchen macerator makes light work of this kind of renovation. One unit is sufficient for the water supply and drainage needs of a washing machine, dishwasher, sink and glasswasher so you can tackle all of those domestic chores in one place.

With a little planning, it’s possible to transform any box room or other small space that’s currently underused into a functional, inviting and useful room that improves everyday living.

You can get advice on selecting the right macerator unit for your property and handy tips for fuss-free installations from the friendly and knowledgeable team at Anchor Pumps.

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