Everyday, the clothing, furniture and footwear that we buy is exposed to the risk of dirt and damage, and the greatest hazard is from the accidental spills that often occur when we eat and drink.

The classic example that springs to mind is the nightmare of red wine spilling onto a spotless cream carpet. But imagine if the wine was unable to soak in and remained in beads on the surface, ready to be cleaned up without leaving a stain…. that’s the result of Liquiproof Fabric Protection.

By protecting your apparel and furnishings with Liquiproof, you can enjoy the carefree lifestyle of knowing that your belongings will be shielded from damage, stay cleaner and look smarter for longer.


The solution works by bonding SiO2 particles to the individual fibres of the fabric, creating permanent bonded layers which forms an invisible barrier that keeps water and oil from ruining the shoe surface.

The cutting edge formula is effective for everyday situations allowing even suede shoes and jackets to maintain permanently stain free from the rain and spillages. The cost effective formula enables a permanent  protector for all shoes and clothing without affecting the look, feel or breathability of the fabric.


Effective Uses:

-Jackets & Coats

-Handbags & Purses

-All kinds of footwear

-Rugs & Carpets

-Sofas & Upholstery


-Wedding Dresses

-Suits & Ties

-Children’s clothing, Bibs & Toys.

-Hiking & Camping gear.


Key Benefits

-Eco Friendly, non toxic and non flammable

-Water based formula, harmless and flourine free

–Safe, non-aerosol bottle

-Suitable for all types of fabric, synthetic and natural

-Invisible to the human eye

-Super long lasting and durable – item hand washable up to 25 times

-Odorless – can be applied indoors

-Maintains 100% breathability


Dragon’s Den


In a greuling Dragon’s Den pitch the founder Caner Veli received £100k investment from Touker Suleyman in return for 50% of his business.

The pair are now in talks, planning the development of the brand into 2016. Its an exciting time for Liquiproof, this is definitely a brand to watch!



Footwear spray – £9.99

Fabric Spray (125ml) – £24.00

Fabric Spray (250ml) – £40.00

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Urban Outfitters


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