Spring is just around the corner. If you’re getting ready for that big spring clean and a revamp of your home for the warmer months, there are lots of fabulous ideas to try out. The warmer months naturally make us feel happy and provide some inspiration for new décor and home accessories.

There are several trends coming for the new season which will suit every budget. So check out some of the top ways to refresh your home this coming season.

Add a Splash of Paint

Spring brings a host of colour palettes to the forefront and will give your walls a new lease of life. Repainting doesn’t have to be an expensive job, and if you tackle one room at a time, it can be manageable too. Opt for versatile shades that will transition well into the latter part of the year. If you can’t decide on a colour, why not just refresh the tones you already have? You’ll be surprised just how much they make the room pop.

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New Furniture

If your sofa has seen better days, then it could be a great time to invest in a new one. There is a range of on-trend sofas Essex available for spring, which will give your home an affordable refresh. It could be the perfect time to declutter too and make space for updated items. You could also try your hand at upcycling older furniture with new handles, splashing up new paint, or completely reworking it to fit it into your modern décor.

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Indoor Plants and Flowers

Plants are synonymous with spring, and they are a great way to brighten up your home. Indoor plants are a big trend in modern interiors and there is a range of options to choose from. Hardy plants and succulents are a good idea if you’re looking for low maintenance additions. Plus, there are also larger plants that can create a focal room in your living spaces. Plants don’t just look beautiful in your property; they also have health benefits such as cleaning the surrounding air and enhancing wellbeing in your home.

You could also opt for faux flowers and plants, as there are lots of realistic types available. If you want to experiment, flower walls and faux living walls are a fabulous way to add a statement feature to your home.

Wilko Fiddle Fig Potted Plant
Wilko Fiddle Fig Potted Plant

Add Pops of Colour

If you have neutral interiors and want to revamp your home with colour, you don’t have to paint an entire room to get the same effect. Pops of colour are an ideal way to enhance the room without overwhelming it, and you can do this by:

  • Opting for fabrics and home accessories in spring shades
  • Updating pillows to incorporate new colours
  • Changing bed linens and pillowcases to incorporate a new décor theme
  • Updating photo frames and wall art
  • Upcycling old furniture incorporating spring colours

These are just some of the easy ways to update your home. Whatever your budget, there is a range of perfect spring options for everyone.

Bright Colour Accessories
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