During this time of the year, it’s very popular to host a garden party so you can enjoy the sunshine. Whether it’s a birthday, or you’re celebrating an anniversary, consider having it outside in the backyard. It’s a great way to enjoy the sunshine and let everyone get some fresh air. There is also more space so plenty of room for everyone. However, if your backyard is not looking in the best shape, here are ten ways to make your garden look spectacular for a party.

10 Ways To Make Your Backyard Look Spectacular For A Party

Plant some flowers

To make sure your garden is looking in top shape, you may want to consider adding some flowers. They can help to make the garden look beautiful, and you will receive many compliments. Make sure you sort the flowers out in your yard soon as you buy them and keep them watered, so they are looking fabulous in time for the party. Any plants that are already in your garden should also be looking great. Tend to them and get rid of any weeds so they are looking fab.

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Mow the lawn

If you want everyone to think your backyard looks great, you need to mow your lawn before the party. With our busy lifestyles, we often don’t get a chance to get out there. So we don’t realize it’s got that bad.  You don’t want it to be overgrown when guests are coming over. As we have talked about previously, you may want to replace any dead grass and relay the lawn. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you could find a gardener to do it for you. Companies such as Jim’s Mowing are experienced in making it look great, and they will be able to do a fantastic job of mowing your lawn.

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Clean the BBQ

When sorting out food for your party in your backyard, you may consider doing a BBQ. It means you or your partner can still be out there while everyone is outside enjoying the sunshine. Often people get stuck inside cooking the food and don’t get a chance to speak to everyone or enjoy the party. Before deciding to do a BBQ, you need to check it still is in a good condition. It’s a good idea to give it a thorough clean before cooking food on there for everyone. You don’t want to poison your guests!

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Tidy up any rubbish

You don’t want your backyard to look a state when you have guests coming over. Therefore, you should tidy up any rubbish that may be laying around before letting people out there. It might be rubbish has flown out of the bin when there’s been bad wind, or maybe the kids have been out there and have dropped some trash on the lawn. Whatever the case, make sure it’s all been put in bins before your guests come over.

Get a gazebo

Before you have a party, you should decide where people are going to stand in the garden. It might be a good idea to get a pop-up gazebo which can then provide some cover during the party. It might be raining, and then you can get some cover quickly. Or perhaps the heat of the sun is becoming too much, so you can go and get a bit of relief for a few minutes. Put the food and drinks under the gazebo too as you don’t want them to start melting in the hot weather.  If you are having a backyard party for your child, you can get movie-themed ones such as a Frozen or Cars gazebo which they will love. You can rent one instead, rather than having to pay out for one you may only use once!

Sort out garden furniture

If you want people to enjoy your party, you should be providing enough seating for everyone. As much as people like to stand around for a while, eventually, they will need to sit down. Get out your outdoor seating and make sure to give it a wipe if it’s been sitting in the shed for ages. If you need extra seating, you could bring out some chairs that you have inside the home. Or you could ask friends or family members if they could bring some foldaway chairs to the party. Don’t forget the Hammock!

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Install some garden features

Are you looking for ways to add to the aesthetic of your home? Do you want to show off your pride while making your landscape more beautiful? If so, then you might look into implementing a feature such as a water fountain, some patriotic flag poles, or even an interesting sculpture. Doing so can help you show off your yard accessories and create talking points for party-goers in the right way. People like to gravitate towards aesthetic areas of the backyard, so landscaping can also be an effective means of crowd control or a means to provide a quiet area for more shy guests.

Get some outdoor speakers

A party is a lot better with music. Try and get a portable player which you can put outdoors and play music. You may want to buy some outdoor speakers to play music through. It’s good to have some sound in the background, just in case people go quiet and don’t speak. Don’t put it too loud though as you will get complaints from the neighbours. Music also puts people in a party mood. It’s also necessary for children’s games such as musical bumps or statues. Sort out a playlist before the big party.

Prepare the table

To make your backyard look fantastic for the party, you should sort out your garden table. Over the winter months, it can get dirty because it’s left out in the cold weather. Give it a nice clean and maybe use a tablecloth before putting the food out on there. You might want to put the plates and cups out on the table before they get there so that people can help themselves out to food. You may want to buy a new table if it’s looking shabby.

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Make a children’s area

If you want to ensure your backyard is looking fantastic, you don’t want children’s toys everywhere. To help keep it looking great, why don’t you make a kids area out there ready for the party. Put a few toys in the area and even a plastic set of tables and chairs. They will feel like they are extra special because they have their own area, and it means the whole of the garden won’t get messy.

Once it’s looking fantastic, you can invite people to the party. One top tip, though; make sure you have plenty of bug repellent out so that people will not be stung or bitten during the party.